The rise & fall of Paul Pogba

  • @janner73
    yes your right, it is boring to read him every day about him and basically always the same article with a bit different in subtitle lol.
    so happy transfer window closed and all this bullshit talks came to the end. I knew he would stay. well I read today again about him Madrid price tag and other staff.
    I do whatever I like to do and advice you to do same ;) :) just keep calm and skip every news about him lol

  • Have to agree with @janner73 again, (who's a holder) these Pogba threads keep getting made by people 'pumping' Pogba rather than people being negative about him like myself or @Dan-The-Man

    Usually posing the question, "will Pogba rise immediately" or "is Pogba set to rise - top up!" & when met with a difference of opinion are met with disdain & get accused of trying to influence the market.

    If we was trying to influence the market we would be the ones starting threads on him - we're not.

    Believe it or not, I'm actually neutral on Pogba as a football index hold. I don't like him as a player - he wants to leave so as far as I'm concerned, I'd cut him loose.

    But I've held him in the past & like many holders I'd buy him again if he signed a new contract or they significantly increased MB dividends.

    But until then he's a very dodgy hold at a premium price.

    He isn't worth the risk is my conclusion.

  • @Ericali I’m seeing things differently now. Please keep up the negative posts relating to Pogba. His price will soon be £5. I will happily put £10k into him at that price. Wouldn’t it be funny if he ends up staying at Utd and becomes the prodigal son..

  • @Sol said in The rise & fall of Paul Pogba:

    @Ericali I’m seeing things differently now. Please keep up the negative posts relating to Pogba. His price will soon be £5. I will happily put £10k into him at that price. Wouldn’t it be funny if he ends up staying at Utd and becomes the prodigal son..

    It wouldn't be funny - somewhat surprising, considering both himself & his agent have said they want a new challenge.

    But I suppose he could change his mind if we pay him enough salary? 🤔

    They are not negative as such, you just perceive them to be negative as you hold the asset.

    I don't hold the asset, so I like to think I give an unbiased opinion.

    Would I buy him again if he signed a new contract? Yes 👍

    Do I think he is a good buy at present with him angling for a move away from the club? No. 😐

    My money can be put to much better use elsewhere. 👌

  • @Ericali I have agreed with you many times in the past, but on this one I feel you are wrong. Pogba Will always be a good investment and will be back to £8. He will not leave in January. He is a safe hold, especially at the current share price. Time will tell who is indeed right on this..

  • @Sol fair enough.

    But to be deemed as a "safe" hold is a very extreme opinion.

    Most acknowledge a further drop if he were to be sold abroad.

    I'd some it up best as a "gamble" rather than "safe" one you may win, but also one you may lose. 🙄

  • @Ericali

    The recent drop has nothing to do with Eric or Dan, and they merely represent the other side of the coin.

    Instead of complaining about their opinions, holders should be analysing why others are shying away from Pogba.

    Pogba is a risk at present, but to many, myself included, based on his previous domination of MB, I see his current price as very tempting. If dividends were to increase in the future, Pogba would be amongst the main beneficiaries.

    For that reason, I've recently re-enlisted as a Pogba holder.

    I would be interested to hear if anybody on the forum has instant sold Pogba in the last few days.

    I suspect the majority of sales are still pending in the queue, and it won't take much for users to remove them, and his price will rise accordingly.

    In the meantime, rightly or wrongly, for every penny he drops, I sell profit from elsewhere and invest further in Pogba.

    Cowboy 🤠 or clairvoyant 🧙‍♂️... time will tell!?

  • @johnboywalker summed up nicely. 👍

  • @johnboywalker I woke up at 6am... The ticker had someone IS 250 pogba... Then I had my morning dump at complications so only took a minute and in that time I'd seen a few more IS batches of 50 and 100

    I think yesterday was the tipping point where he lost just enough in a short amount of time to create exponential panic. Up till yesterday I think it was probably 70/30% in favour of sell queue rather than IS causing the drops.

  • @Vespasian32 ‘no complications’ 😂

  • Im currently trying to find areas of my portfolio to trim profit from to top up on Pogba this drop is unreal

  • I just keep thinking 'when will the drop end' and if I had joined in the last month or two most probably has IS sold and took the hit.

    But like, Neymar - its a case of holding on and eventually watching the rise.

    I'm not confident enough to buy more of him though to be honest.

  • Once he plays and scores or hits the media rankings for a few days on the trot his price will rise, we saw it happen with Neymar.
    What price will be he entering the euros still as a utd player? I don't for one second believe he will leave in January.

  • 0_1568194862825_Screenshot_2019-09-11-07-09-22.png

    Pogbas 6 month graph. Any holders just be careful you aren't the one who loses out.

  • 0_1568195366799_IMG_6141.PNG

    Or none holders careful you don't miss out on a pot of divs.💷💷

    Pogba the Brexit hold of Football Index.

  • how much will he fall if he does leave to RM or similar?

  • I am glad I didn't top up yesterday. I will patiently wait for the final drop and then top up. The entire market seems to be slumming down at the moment anyways. Patience is key for me

  • I hold just over 100 at around 50p per share loss. Not going to panic though but also not planning to top up. If I had 0 Pogba I'd be tempted but he is a risky hold until he signs a new contract to put the transfer talk to bed.

  • I’m not going to look anymore today at my port.

    Pogba single handily is causing me to worry.

    That said. Been here before with both Ronny and Neymar during their rape cases and daily drops.

    Pogba doesn’t become a shit player over a period of a week to ten days.

  • I don't mind the endless stream of Pogba threads.

    Gives us all something to talk about as a football fan and an FI trader. When Balotelli mk2 moves on, we'll find someone else to have endless threads about.

    I do find it a bit tin-foil hat, though that people think some of us are out to cause his price to drop, in a Machiavellian plot to divert cash to our players. I mean... why Pogba? I don't have any of the top 30 most expensive players, but I wouldn't be on here saying "sell Sancho" any time soon. Also, my portfolio is about 15 players, some of them are wildly obscure like Lee Jae-Sung, so the odds of a Pogba holder, ditching him then swtiching from the most famous player in the world at the top end of the market, to some obscure oddity at the bottom end... just seems unlikely.

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