The rise & fall of Paul Pogba

  • Has Pogba been shot?

  • @ChazFI123 said in The rise & fall of Paul Pogba:

    @Vespasian32 Sky have said that Sancho will come in for him tonight, no chance will Rashford not start at the weekend when he's one of Ole's main men and Ole desperately needs a win

    Rashford might still come on a sub.

    I just think our squad is so thin he could get a rest

  • @Sill7

    Pogba is a penalty and a new contract from bouncing back to £7+.

    He was a 'domestic transfer window closing' away from £8 and a 'foreign transfer market closing' from £9.

    Turns out, that 9 was upside down.


  • Pogba's dividend yield % in comparison to price has been enormous in the past and will be in the future, very few players are in the same yield league.
    If he's been as high as around £8.50 when there wasn't nearly as much money in the product he can get back there so he has cap app in him as well as certain dividends.
    The drop isn't nice but trends change, proven dividend winners are the likeliest next trend IMO.

  • Last season pogba came back from winning the World Cup and then went straight into a shit storm with Jose.

    Honestly there has to be some perspective that this season doesn’t have any of those factors.

  • @NallyCat it's already happening... The guys posting big pb scores are rocketing... New season, packed schedule including ints... The end of media madness.... Its put pb at the forefront. But if the market is wiling to pay £5 a pop for kdb on his pb potential.. They will soon realise that mb>pb as it pays every day from a far smaller pool of regular candidates.

    Then when they compare the yield over longer periods of someone like pogba vs any of those £3+ pb players... The money will move back to pogba..

    We do need him to win some mb in the next 30 days tho. Thursday could be interesting with internationals hopefully in the rear view mirror. Other than racism stories and Daniel fucking James, can't really look beyond pogba/neymar

  • @Tom77 said in The rise & fall of Paul Pogba:

    Last season pogba came back from winning the World Cup and then went straight into a shit storm with Jose.

    Honestly there has to be some perspective that this season doesn’t have any of those factors.

    Nah you are right... No stories at all regarding pogba... Hes just happy plodding along!?!? You miserable old fart... Hes in a contract/transfer saga with the biggest clubs in the world. And now chats with Messi come to the party.

  • @Vespasian32 id said the same on another thread dividends will likely be the next trend. Plenty have likely been burned chasing IPD’s and now i think KDB recent form will kick start the PB players prices and when they realise not all PB players are as consistent as KDB the attention will shift to MB. At least thats what im hoping is in the process of happening

  • @Vespasian32

    Other than racism stories and Daniel fucking James, can't really look beyond pogba/neymar

    I didn't know that was Daniel's middle name! You learn a new thing everyday sometimes, LOL

  • @Vespasian32 Game against arsenal in 20 days win loose or draw I expect him on top of Mb unless someone does something big that day. In addition some Europa league games maybe he will shave some leopard pattern into his share just to give some joy back to his holders. Could have some big Europa pb scores if he plays 90 mins against some gibberish sides.

    He will win some Mb in the next 30 days anyone can @me after 380 points today for absolutely nothing the mans a machine

  • @johnboywalker
    Spot on there with mb 365 days, some people just forget I suppose.
    He will rise when the silly manager realises he should play in the most attacking position when u got Andreas and Scott playing
    So blatantly obvious that it hurts

  • £6.68 😱 I think people have just accepted he is leaving & new investors are refusing to buy an asset that will only depreciate in value & return 50p dividends over the season.

    The current holders are still holding, but a few of them are slowly sneaking out the back door.

    The only thing that will cause the upsurge to £8+ that many are hoping for is if he signs a new contract.

  • @jay Yeah the Thursday EL games followed by Sunday/Monday league games will be a boost for Pogba and all United players MB potential, there won't be much MB competition on the EL Thursdays except for Arsenal and the stories will carry on to the Friday with little competition, then with United playing PL games on Sunday/Mondays their stories will run on the next day with many being treble MB days. It will be tougher for CL teams players to win MB playing say Tuesday/Saturday.

  • @Ericali Why will he only depreciate in value, 50p in dividends? he returned more than £2 over 12 months. Who's to say he won't stay at United for years being the top media player every year, or is he a certainty to leave next summer just like you said he was this summer 🙄

  • @NallyCat He might still be at Utd but where is that post summer transfer window price of £7.50-£8.00 that many were predicting🤔
    Top end players are not flavour of the month we know but Pog never had even the slightest of relief rallies.

  • @Gazz127 Logic suggested he would recover when it became certain he would stay and be one of if not the top MB player this season, even the vast majority of traders who had sold up or never held admitted as much, it's a baffling one.

  • @NallyCat it's the IPO's and the injury. Every players price suffers when they get an injury, bar none. Then people want funds for IPO's and it's a double whammy for pog. Hes expensive therefore people will only need to sell a few in order to raise enough cash to buy a good number of some absolute donkey who's just appeared on the index. But when thousands of people are IS'ing just 10 or 20 or 30 of pog, theres gonna be a big drop. The money will come back

  • @MickTurbo I do agree the spate of ipo's past couple of weeks has not helped.
    Saw a trader dump 500 Rashford just to buy a couple of lowly German and Spanish ipo players yesterday.
    It has effected the market to a degree.

  • @Gazz127 madness mate. Hes took a £150 hit to buy probably about 5000 of an absolute nobody that's gonna probably have a >10% spread. Hes probably looked at the likes of almada and ihatteran and expected something similar but to be fair, somebody who's got 500 rashfords really should know better, they must be a fairly big trader

  • More money out of Pogba into Sancho...

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