Updated thoughts please ....

  • Morning peeps,

    Wondered if I could have some options and your updated thoughts on my port?

    Do you think there is anyone who has hit peak price point?
    Or anyone I should sell and top up else where within the port?
    Or just simply leave it as it is.
    I play with ROI in mind, not really bothered about IPD's and flipping.

    Current port cost @ £992.85 (Probably put in circa £850)
    Current port value @ £1240.30
    ROI currently @ 25%
    Thanks in advance.

    0_1568108773830_Capture1.PNG 0_1568108786677_Capture2.PNG

  • @gball1975

    Some cracking profit margins there mate.

    I don't like giving advice on who to buy/sell incase it gets held against me at a later date. 🤔

    But what I will say is that you clearly anticipated the 'young english potential superstar' trend and rode the arse off it. 🤠🤑🤑🤑

    There will come a time when they will have to justify the high prices.

    Personally, I'd be skimming the profit from those guys to invest in the next trend (whatever that may be).

  • You've made some great choices and you've held patiently.

    My only comment/thoughts is that whilst this looks beautiful (which it does) you could now up your risk appetite and trade more actively. Looking at some of those prices, you've held for like 6 months on some players... Which is perfectly sensible. But on a lot of them you've held through some very flat periods whilst the market was booming.

    It doesn't look as pretty, but it's more profitable (and yes, more risky....) to move with the market at times.

  • @Vespasian32 @johnboywalker ... cheers guys but come on don't be shy, anyone I should axe and then top up on others???
    @johnboywalker promise I won't hold it against you. 😜

  • @gball1975 i would say get some cheaper players in there as u dont have as many shares in some of these guys. im not saying its not worth holding them but say for example the 6 quid a share u have in mbappe ca n get u a player a 6th of the price and more likely to win dividens and a greater % in ca

  • @Jdog I know but everything has to be in multiples of 5 with my 'OCD'.
    I have £12 in the kitty though, just doing my research currently to find a sub £1 gem to add another batch of 10-20 shares.

  • not sure I could go back to holding lots of players in small numbers.


  • @Vespasian32 how many players is your current portfolio?

  • @gball1975 nice portfolio. If it was me the only changes id make is collecting on all that youth profit. It was fairly risk free when youth was booming but it becomes more risky as they approach their time to justify they’re prices. My feelings are that KDB’s performances lately will trigger a market trend in PB especially when Messi and Neymar start playing aswell. So as i say its only what i would do not what im saying you should do. Id sell those youngsters that are in big profit and move money into the big PB hitters

    @Vespasian32 fair play mate i wish i had the nerve and skill to operate like that

  • @jay that's it at the moment... a few of those are near my sell target too. But if I sell Lukaku - of the £2200 (approx.) id bank some, £200... reinvest 1000 in any dips...and 1000 goes into 10 or so cheap players … when they spike I bank some and stack up on one of my longer holds. By which point the dividend pot is big enough to start again with about £300 to put into 5+ ipd flips. Then another big hold hits a target price, they go - I bank some and go again.

    Strategy will shift in December and ill either put more money in or have to skim some shares off all my holds.

  • @Vespasian32 nice portfolio love seeing your constant hustle and awareness about your players

  • @Vespasian32 balls of steel bruv 👏

  • @Vespasian32 Unfortunately I dont currently have the monies to go big so wanted to keep it to around £1k investment so thought upto 20 players would work for me...seems to be so far.

    But the one thing I can't figure is who to jump on on the younger cheap side of things.
    For example if I was to take out my Brewster shares who to go onto that can push me up again.
    Thinking about maybe reducing Brewster down to 20 shares from 50 and then jumping on a couple of lower end prospects but still wanting EU football aswell as Euro guarantee starters.

  • @gball1975 yeh not so much about how much money tho, more how to distribute what you do have. I started with £500 and had 5-10 shares in lots of players... All made a a few pence and if I'd been patient would look similar to yours. But once I started buying in bulk... Think my first was Marco richter and Bryan Gill and they hit the risers list soon after and I'd gone from making 17p on someone like kane as my best profit, to making £100 on those guys... I just always looked for quicker profit by stacking up and selling. More money I had the more I stacked... Until eventually I could hold some div winners in big numbers.

    RE brewster... I think you've held through the worst of it... Now yous should see the good times again with LG Cup on horizon? If nothing else, use it as the opportunity to market sell.

    The next batch of youngsters? Any of the Chelsea or arsenal lads... Already look expensive... But so did greenwood when he was £2. And again at £3 and again at £4...

    As you can see I've left that trend behind... Probably too soon...

  • @Vespasian32 RLC still worth it at £2.60 ??? Thoughts?? Personally think I may have missed the boat on Mason Mount but personally dont think he is guaranteed to start once RCL is back fit.


  • @gball1975 I think rlc is still worth it. He's out injured... Literally nothing bad can affect his price now before his return? And if the injury hasn't affected his game too much he should still be a pb threat. Not sure how itl work with him and mount...

  • @gball1975 He'll start mate as Lampard loves him. RLC will slot in somewhere until he injures himself again 👍

  • Have you seen that Ingvartsen ipo’d at 45p. Denmarks highest U21 goal score ever and now only 23. Moved from Supaliga to Genk for £40m after top scoring above Pukki in 2016/17. Unsuccessful spell in Belgium but can see him doing his stuff in Germany in a good Union Berlin side
    Bargain 📈🌟

  • Afternoon all,
    Thought I'd re-visit my thread and update on my Port. I think I have it covered now for the season / Euros / Transfer spec but any tips would help loads.

    Jesus - keeps going up and down within a 10p bracket - sell or keep?
    Harvetz - keeps going up and down within a 5p bracket - sell or keep? (Possible transfer spec in the summer and Euros)

    Any obvious suggestions on selling anyone from the below at all?


  • @gball1975 firstly well done for revisiting an old thread, one up vote for yourself!
    Secondly, that's looking very strong and in terms of Jesus or Havertz I'd keep both, Jesus will be Citys future and Havertz will defo get transfer spec in summer if not before

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