Do you guys bulk buy your shares or just buy them when you can afford it.

  • I am terrible for bulk buying as I never have enough money available so I buy players over a long period of time. Is this a bad way of doing it and how do you guys do it?

  • To be honest Im same as you I buy when I can unfortunatly we aint all sitting on big accounts, everyone plays what they can (hopefully) I too would like to bulk buy the 10 players in my portfolio but many times had to withdraw to cover an expense and hopefully can now slowly build up an affordable portfolio. Just bet what you can afford to lose no more.

  • Banned

    When I am able to deposit I tend to buy in bulk, around £100 worth.

    When I cant, I put my divs into one player. Currently Cesc Fabregas and up to 81 of him, so it all adds up.

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