Also people , any advice on how to play this , like how what’s a good number n portfolios and is it ok to do short term buys with good fixtures is this profitable way of playing , any advice greatly appreciated

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  • This thread gave me an aneurysm

  • @TomIrving hahaha 👍🏼

  • Be patient and do not panic when price drop (you can lose more than you think) we are all human we all have bad days in life ;)

  • My advice would be to plan ahead buy players now for events later on. Hard to say what's best at the moment so I would start with small amounts and feel your way in. From what I've seen there is no perfect way of playing it but try and spot trends early. Be careful of large spreads, don't instant sell unless last resort, do some research ie fixtures, form , game time, injury record. Pick players that are in European comps more game time again and compare prices of players of the same position, find someone who looks relatively cheap to comparable players. That's just for starters n see how you go.

  • Firstly piece of advice would be to make your title shorter!

    Secondly you need to find something that works for you. You can make profit from quick IPD flips but a balanced portfolio can help to mitigate losses.

    Do research on players, fixtures, injuries, if they are retired etc etc but mainly have fun.

    Finally as this is a gambling site I should also add:

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    I mean:

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