Troy Parrott

  • How long before he goes above Brewster and Greenwood price?

  • Arguably a better prospect than both. Not English but then has much more chance of playing at the Euros...

  • @Hotspur agreed, looks the real deal. Will get time in the cups and will perform and force his way into league squad soon enough I reckon

  • @Hotspur I’m sorry I just can’t agree with this , I don’t hold any of the 3. But Greenwood young English highly spoken by many greats ( including his manager ). Had 4 pl appearances at still 17 this season (although not long ) at the biggest club in England and debatably the world. I know parrot has great potential but Greenwood has every factor to make a gem hence the price

  • Parrot? Good investment. Simple.

  • I have seen a fair bit of both and it is clear Parrott the better prospect. Will have the same impact as Robbie Keane for both club and country. FI was never around for Keano but reckon he would have been a £5-6 player easily so plenty of growth for parrott

  • @Daniel-Levy Ireland’s starring striker if they make it to euros? Do we think he could move from u21 debut in September to there in time? 😳

  • Parrot may well play for his country before greenwood and Brewster, and he’s looks promising, but to say he’s a better prospect... its almost like you don’t understand how MB works. The English press don’t really give a shit about Ireland v san Marino. Young English players are their darlings...not young Irish players.

  • @HPcoys there isn't much competition for the Irish spot so think he will break through quick.
    3 goals in first 120 minutes for u21s!!
    2 goals in 60 minutes for spurs u23!!!
    This boy is the business!!!!

  • Ireland play New Zealand in a friendly in November, that’s his chance to make his debut if he’s not needed for u-21 qualifying at the time.
    Can’t see him making euro squad if we qualify, Mick McCarthy just isn’t the type of man to take any risks imo.

  • Brewster not long maybe, Greenwood? never 😁

  • @Gregolocky was already in provisional squad for qualifiers. He'd be nailed on to make Euros squad if they qualify.

  • Just imagine if he does a Declan Rice... Mb for few days and 100% cap app in 24hours... If he's Irish tru n tru, then I agree that Keane would have been a decent hold and Parrott will be, being ebflish helps, but don't have to be English as long as he's a premiership character. I think papers will love Parrott headlines and Troy is an easy and interesting first name, so they will type both which helps mb. His playing style though, is it pb worthy? Does he dribble? Does he pass he it about? Or is he a mini Kane? I've only seen him in a friendly for 45mins, bought 600 of him on the back of that as he seemed to play a bit like the young Rooney.

  • People dont half look through rose tinted specs on here.

    Being english and playing for England adds a premium to a price.
    Playing for man utd adds a premium to a price.

    Unless either of these events if likely to happen in the future, or the player is a regular PB or MB winner then a player has a ceiling price.
    Regardless of his ability, the guy isn't going to be as big an attraction on FI unless he starts scoring 30 a season.

    And theres also no way in a million years robbie Keane would have been £6 on here either.

  • @Hotspur That was a 30+ man squad, I hope I’m wrong and we make euros with Troy part of the squad. But imo both are big ifs atm

  • His style is similar to Berbatov but a harder working version. Pretty sure he would have picked up some PB

  • @Stevo completely agree, how the hell would Robbie Keane have any value on here?! he was a pretty good Premier League player, nowhere near World Class at any stage of his career would've maybe hit half that price when he joined Liverpool. Let me guess, this guy also thinks Ledley King would've been the most expensive defender on the index!! Thing that puts me off Parrott is I don't see his path to regular first team football at Spurs, he's stuck behind the best number 9 in the world who will be at that level for 4-5 years at least.

  • @ChazFI123 not sure about Ledley king due to injuries. Gary Mabbutt would have been in his day though

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