• He should be a midfielder not striker on FI. He plays same posituon as sanches... any idea?

  • @Zola25 The positions are determined by OPTA. In my opinion, Richarlison is correctly a forward and, at some point in the future, Sancho will end up getting changed to a forward. There are inconsistences in how wide players are classified but it is what it is.
    Mahrez is a forward, Bernardo Silva is a mid but they basically interchange in the same position for City so work that one out.

  • @janner73

    Yep.. not consistent..

    They should introduce a new role.. i.e.

    Striker/centre fwd

  • @Zola25 Would be nice but don't see it happening as would be another position for PB payouts.
    Midfield and forward is way too general for me as in modern day football there are too many different positions in that, but if you split it too much where do you stop - should Full Back and Centre Back be different for example?
    The one thing I am happy with is that its completely independent of FI which means there can be no manipulation.

  • @janner73

    More splits more payouts more investments for FI

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