Maguire...keep or sell?

  • Brought Maguire at 95p, currently sitting at £2.35.
    Peek was £2,78 a month ago.
    Can IS at £2.21.

    Need some funds for other purchases but...keep him or sell up.

  • @gball1975 Easy way to look at this - would you buy him now at £2.35? If yes then keep, if no then sell.

  • @janner73 Damn you, you always say that but true though.
    Think he has gone past his peak and others sitting there to make some monies (CA) on.
    And he is the only player in my port how I think I have 'maybe' maxed out on. 🤔

  • @gball1975 It's easier said than done I know but that's the reality - if you aren't prepared to buy at that price then realistically why would you hold? I also think it's better to ask that question than just give you my straight out view. Will he be higher at the start of the Euros than £2.35? Probably but he's not in demand right now and you could probably use that money better elsewhere in the meantime.

  • @janner73 agree with Janner.

    He probably will be slightly higher at the Euro's but if you need capital because you can spot a quicker riser then you go where the money is.

  • @gball1975 Should say as well if you've had him since 95p then you've done very well out of him and had a good run of dividends over the summer as well. I'd mark it down as a great trade and move on.

  • For that amount of price rise I would sell...He can be quite the donkey at times and if Man Utd have an average season he maybe found out and his price will steadily decrease...

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