Euro 2020 + European football player suggestions

  • KDB. With some of the Pb scores he has been posting lately, get on him whilst he's still sub £5

  • To add another player that meets your criteria and may also have future transfer speculation I would suggest Dendoncker. Also still really like both Hazard brothers, but no transfer prospects for them.

    Edit: Halstenberg meets your criteria and also has a possible big move in his future too. Didn't start in Germany loss, started, scored and starred in Germany win, winning PB at the same time.

  • @ChazFI123

    Yep i agree.. top price atm.. .will soon change. ..

  • @Ben_pz

    CR7, KDB and marco Reus of germany... dortmund captain looks like he's bak fit again and his price is a bargain... league nd champions league coming up too.

  • O melendro
    T kehrer
    M hermoso
    J gaya
    C lenglet

    All At champion league team and national teams
    All at the 60p to 70p mark. All under 25.
    Very little down side to any of them. IMO
    And yes I hold all.

  • At the moment I have.


  • Interesting thread this because it's exactly what my focus is at the minute. Getting stacked for the euros with players who have multiple upsides including div potential and transfer spec.

    I've identified a dozen or so and have started building on them but I'll name 1 in particular.

    Timothy castagne (58p)

    Already recognized as a good young PB player with potential to win some divs in that regard. Hes got champions league footy this year with atalanta who got a favourable group with dynamo Zagreb and shakhtar in there meaning good chance of progressing beyond the group stages and surely at least making the Europa league which would arguably be even better.

    The big fish in that group is man city, meaning he will be seen by a big british audience at least twice this year.

    To top it off he was wanted by palace this summer, a good year and a good euros and there could even be bigger premier league fish looking at him because he us definitely a good player

  • @MickTurbo I am also trying to build a port early for the euros, preferably young with a potential transfer... it would be helpful if you were willing to mention any other players you have bought for your port?

  • Upto now mate I've put a few Bob into cancelo, Fernandes, verratti, castagne and de Jong. There are other big european players I already held and others I havent bought into yet @Dj

  • Thoughts on Serge Gnabry looked great for Germany

  • @Dj I have said elsewhere that I want a potential breakout star from every major nation, since your saying preferably young players. Still undecided on most of them to be honest and have bought in to a couple of cheap young european players recently but they are probably a bit of a long shot to make their respective squads, although a good year domestically and it wouldnt be out of the question.

    More realistic young players to make their squads would be somebody like kristoffer ajer, but Norway arent certs to qualify. If they do though, he will rocket because hes a quality young centre half with a PB move on the cards. When I make my mind up on a few more I will post mate

    @NewUser411609 on my shopping list

  • @MickTurbo thanks mate, I have already started buying into a few, domonik Szoboszlai, Nico elvedi, Oyarzabal, inias Hagi, Fabian Ruiz, Federico Chiese, houssem aouar, keysztof Piatek, Tyrone mings, Jason daneyer, Viktor Tsygankov, ondrej Duda. What are your thoughts?

    I also already have holds in depay, Maddison and haverts that are up £1.11, £1.03 & 67p per share that I am looking to hold until the euros.

  • @Dj to be fair that's a quality bunch mate. I've held quite a few of them at one time or another and would like to again.

    Most have multiple upsides. PB move on the cards for tsygankov. PB stars in aouar and elvedi, the latter of which has attracted interest from city. Possible breakouts for hagi, oyarzabal, szobolszai and chiesa.

    At this point your arguably better prepared than I am to be honest. My port seems to constantly be a work in progress but once I'm stocked up for the euros I'll finally be able to leave things alone!

    You've done what I'm doing in terms of picking players with multiple upsides that will also be at the euros.

    I might be nit picking but when I was picking my italian players I swerved chiesa myself because not many Italians actually leave italy so he may only ever be a PB player and thus far he hasnt been that encouraging in terms of PB. I think people are holding him because he has star potential (which he does), but you dont get divs for being class, you get divs for media. You get media for being class, but not necessarily if you're in italy. (That makes sense to me anyway) but that is purely a personal opinion 👍

    Oyarzabal is actually next on my shopping list. I'm really hoping this £10 promotion sees the shares I've got for sale finally go the journey tomorrow

  • @MickTurbo thanks mate I will bare that in mind about chiese, I feel like I may not do as good as some throughout the season but come the end of the season when everyone is looking at players for the euros it will pay off.

  • @Dj I think you'll do fine, that's the whole point of picking euros players that also have something to offer between now and then. For that reason a really do recommend, in particular, castagne and fernandes

  • @MickTurbo Bruno already on my list 👍 just looked into castagne, seemed he plays more on the wing, do you think it’s only a matter of time until he is reclassified as midfielder?

  • @Dj that's really down to opta so I couldn't say with certainty but in my opinion that would be wrong to do because hes actually that rarest of beasts, a wing back who actually appears interesting in defending so my thoughts are that if hes a midfielder, then probably at least 80 odd % of wing backs should also be reclassified which is simply not gonna happen.

    I suspect the kimmich situation has prompted u to ask that question. The difference being that germany actually utilize kimmich as a midfielder so he gets reclassified for international duty (I believe)

  • @MickTurbo yes and also holding youcef Atal who has recently been classified as a midfielder

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