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  • Is this the moment for my Matt Le Tissier futures to come good?

  • @Vespasian32 said in Incoming Pump:

    @Ericali said in Incoming Pump:

    @Vespasian32 said in Incoming Pump:

    @Ericali ah so the crux of your opening speech boils down to... Southampton have a Friday game... Pile on.

    So it's not about the ease of the games or that they are on tele... The smart move, as with any single game day, buy in advance and sell before kick off. Or are you going to take the price on Friday after the match? At which point its in the lap of the gods.

    Its just a match day flip you are advocating?

    Why take the price at the end of the match? That would represent a gamble. πŸ€”

    I will rightly sell on the eve of the game.

    The two games prior are free shots if you will. Surely you of all people understand this?

    I'm planning to make a 10% in 10 days on one of the Southampton players.

    This is what I do. πŸ’°

    Yeh I do understand and agree its a good strategy. Seemed like you were clouding it with them being easy games....that doesn't matter, as you say... That's the gamblers medicine. The pump is 'soton have a Friday night game coming up, the further in advance you buy the better chances of making a decent 10% flip'... Its a good easy strat.
    . Until the shitter you pick I. E. Ings gets injured and isn't in contention for the Friday game πŸ˜‰

    The pump isn't just buy because Southampton have a Friday night match.

    If the guy you pick scores Vs Sheffield United or wins the plaudits for scoring or assisting Vs Portsmouth you are out with your 10% prior to the match.

    If not, you still get your 10% in anticipation of the match. It's a win/win.

    Plus it's not Ings πŸ‘

  • @Ringers said in Incoming Pump:

    Is this the moment for my Matt Le Tissier futures to come good?

    Hold.... HOLD.....

    Easy @Ringers - don't want to cash out too early. πŸ’°

    All about patience this game.

    He will come good - just like Poggers...

  • As a Blade I can confidently say we will beat Southampton this weekend, I think they have the worst squad in the league.

  • @NewUser144529 as a blade, you and fellow supporter @Stevo are exempt from opinion from wearing your optimistic patriotic glasses 😎

  • Betis, Shalke and Nantes all play on the 20th so that will provide some competition for the south coast relegation battle

  • @Munchie63 of course πŸ‘

    I never said they had a free run at it. I said competition for dividends would be relatively low.

    4 matches.

    With it being the English match, no doubt it will command the biggest audience.

  • @Ericali as a blade I've always been eternally pessimistic mate but wilder is a magician. He turns unknowns into world beaters.

    I keep saying on here that mousset will be class but it gets laughed off. I think he'll play on saturday as weve got injuries up front and I'm convinced he'll score at least 1. However, as a 'team's we have such a tight unit.

    I would never get cocky or overly confident but I genuinely agree with the other guy we'll beat Southampton.

  • @Stevo as a saints fan and season ticket holder, from experience I’d normally say it’s got 1-0 sheff U written all over it. It will be low scoring for sure.

  • @Webbinho no disrespect to southampton at all. It could be a few clubs and I'd still think we can win at home.

    Good luck for the season anyway πŸ‘

  • Decent proposition in fairness. I can see Southampton potentially coming out with 3 wins here. Redmond and Djenepo are out though and Southampton aren't exactly free scoring so missing attacking players here makes this less attractive.

  • 0_1568237619442_IMG_6147.PNG

    Forgot I do hold Southampton players. Ings for a laugh but this 21 year old from Mali might be a long term sale to Arsenal or Liverpool

  • The boy Moussa actually looks a good prospect. Price shot up today after his game winning goal and has held at Β£1.27. Looking forward to seeing him play.

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