Is there one player you think is dangerously underpriced?

  • Milik at Napoli. But he’s starting to rise

  • James Rodriguez is fairly underpriced if he gets a run he could post some high pb or even a transfer could be coming

  • Jordan Henderson! Just wait until he gets that first England goal 😂

  • Jose gimenez for me. 24 now and I think he'll start to be recognized as a top class centre half this year.

    This being a euros year, if he was european I'd possibly argue that he was amongst the best value to be found at 58p

  • Riyad Mahrez £1:28 easily the best forward for Pb at City, good for ipd, the obvious drawback is how often will he play but whenever he does he’s one of the rare players you think has a genuine chance of winning Pb against anyone.

  • Anthony Limbombwe 🆘💥💥💥

  • @Zidave Xhaka is one that doesn't make sense, I did a thread a couple of weeks ago on it, players with very similar pb returns are around double the price. Many of them are older and have no chance for MB unlike Xhaka when it opens to squad players.

  • Is there such thing

  • Ronaldo. Almost £2 less than messi!

  • Troy Parrott - just got to look at Greenwood to see how much of a rise he has in him

  • For me it's Jonathan Tag. He posted some big PB scores last year. I expect him to do the same this year at some point. And he's at a 3 month low!!

  • @Manu Not disagreeing that Maherz is underpriced but surely Sterling is the best City forward for PB?

  • Christophe Herelle for Nice 53p. Currently injured in 3rd game of the season(although it's no longer listed on transfermarket so may be getting back to fitness).

    Centre back who scored on the first game of the season and boasts an overall average pb score just 3 below his right back teammate, Youcef Atal

    Last season averaged 2.2 tackles per game, 1. 8 interceptions and 4.6 clearances. In previous two years has played 33 and 34 games

  • Posted this in another thread recently but maintain Dele Alli is hugely underpriced, just coming back to full fitness is the stand out buy for Spurs.

    Had a full pre season after a first genuine summer off. Got a small injury in mid August but came off the bench vs Arsenal and now has had two weeks of fitness work at the club. His goalscoring and assist stats are literally the best for an English midfielder in the PL era for his age.

    Consider the prices of Maddison (23) at 4.02, Mount (20) 3.86, Foden (21) 3.68, D James (21) 3.00

    I’m guessing but with more goals/assists than the rest combined, or near enough, Dele Alli at 23 is priced at 1.91.. almost entirely due to an injury hit season last year. Btw he still averaged the same goals/assists per game as Maddison last season, will start for England when fit and plays for a better side crying out for his creativity and goal scoring skills, yet he’s half the price.

    With CL games and the Euros ahead. I think it’s a genuine no brainier for CA.

  • @PaulR I agree, although he had a shocker vs Netherlands last week unfortunately, however it could lead to a nice dip.

  • @Chris-J said in Is there one player you think is dangerously underpriced?:

    @Manu Not disagreeing that Maherz is underpriced but surely Sterling is the best City forward for PB?

    Scores have been disappointing considering. Only scored 211 with a hat trick and 218 for England with, I think, a goal and 3 assists.

    Not going to cut it with the big scores this season.

  • Morata is very under priced for me. 98p and he is due back this weekend!!!

    Plays for A Madrid - CL - Spanish. An under £1

  • I know you can’t always make such comparisons but Frankfurt have one attacking wing back categorised as a mid for £1.31 , and another one , da Costa , as defender , 56p

    Also think Jeff Reine-Adelaide and Marlon Santos - look at his stats, his fixtures and his price.

  • @Indexical watching da Costa is fun, in general I like watching Frankfury. He bombs it forward and is shocking at defending. A Poundland Marcelo!

    However his highest pb score is under 150, so his value is debatable

  • @Bezz82 is he actually back this weekend? I already hold but his price is too cheap to ignore currently

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