Is there one player you think is dangerously underpriced?

  • I do enjoy the pumping of Da Costa in this thread. I picked up 50 Da Costa's at 44p each got a goal IPD so far and as mentioned before, there is a single game week coming.

    Frankfurt might have lost their front 3 but I think their transfers have potential and I won't see them be much worse than last year. Probably around same placement league wise, qualifying for Europa once again.

    However, I doubt they will make it as far in the Europa League this year. Nevertheless their fans are incredible and will support them and that seems to do wonders for Frankfurt in Europe.

  • Kingsley Coman for me. Has earned me a load of divs since I bought him a couple of months ago, first choice in France and Bayern squads, scores goals, young and very talented. I keep topping up. Honestly think he is well under priced at £1.79 and should be well over £2/2.50 easy.

  • @Luke

    i cant bring myself to buy him after dismissing him at 88p

  • @G27 lol don’t you just hate that!

  • Pavard -94p

    In short Kimmich is now playing as a midfielder for both club and country, I can see Opta reclassing him before the end of the year if that keeps up.

    Pavard has been posting very good PB scores and I can see him generating similar PB returns to Kimmich if the path is freed up for him to be the dominant PB Bayern defender if Kimmich is reclassed to midfield.

    He's also 23 and looks first choice for the national team.

  • @Chris-J not for Pb

  • I think there’s a few players who are underpriced
    Kyle Walkers Peters - returns from injury this weekend
    Pedro Guilherme - I think this lad is going to be a baller
    Lewis Cook - Should be returning to first team action sometime soon
    Higuain - 100% will be used by Sarri, more suited to Ronaldo’s game than Dybala

  • @Manu


    I don't think those stats suggest that Mahrez is 'easily the best forward for PB' at Man City.

    Especially since he has fallen out of favour since late last year when he won most of his PB dividends.

  • Carrasco is one 92p because he plays in China, he’ll be £1.20-1.30 come October/November. Chinese window opens Dec 1st and id imagine he’s started talking to teams already, think he’s a fair shout for MB in that period too, all down to transfer speculation but he’ll probably be the most high profile move of the January window

    Bale is the other £2.07 atm, finished last season around £2.60, when he was on practically committed to China his price plummeted to £1.68 or so and recovered since. Now he’s starting week in week out I expect he’ll recover to something close to his close season price although the sceptics will depress him rising too much. A move to EPL will see him up considerably, considering his PB and MB potential £4 would be cheap

  • @Stevo said in Is there one player you think is dangerously underpriced?:

    @Tom7471 think 'dangerously' is a little dramatic.

    Maybe it’s not too dramatic. Imagine him being teased in the dressing room by his more expensive teammates, waiving the FI app under his nose. “You grubby little 39p player”. Well that boy is gonna kick off. Everyone has a breaking point, and after nutting the dinner lady, boot boy, coach and mascot he ends up getting “tasered”. So yes, he can be “dangerously” underpriced.

  • @Chris-J As I said in my original post it all depends on game time, the stats you have shown don’t show that Mahrez averages only 50 minutes whilst Sterling averages over 80 and plays a lot more games. Sterling is a poor Pb player for his price but he’s not that bad for Mb. Put it this way if both players started the same game and you wanted the best Pb score I know who I’d bet on.

  • @Manu Yea not a bad average considering a lack of game time and will definitely benefit from extra game time whilst Sane is out injured but long term I think will get lost between being too expensive for an IPD player but not playing regularly enough to be a PB player.

  • My suggestion would be Mesut Ozil.

    Due to a lack of playing time this season (for well documented reasons) he still hasn't recovered from his heavy drop when the Turkey rumours were circulating - He was back in the squad for the North London Derby and should work his way back into the starting 11 pretty soon.

    Gets a lot of headlines too so will do well when MB is opened up (if he isn't back in the top 200 by then which I am hopeful he will be).

    His playing style is one that suits the new PB matrix (excuse the cliché) and not as old as many might think too at 30 - I've just topped up with a few weeks worth of dividends I've been saving up.

  • @NewUser434312 - I would leave Mitroglu. Don't think he will get a break again. Was awful at Fulham (really didn't play) and i think this by Steve Sidwell is a big enough red flag:

  • @SIFI a second for dele alli. Back this weekend to hopefully start. If he gets back to his form from year before the injuries, he will fly at least another pound to where Maddison is

  • @Sir-Craven Scored loads in Portugal when there and did well when he was chosen at Marseille. Him returning from his loan at the end of the season and breaking into the Marseille team? I can't quite see it at this stage of his career. PSV with EL football might be rewarding mind - worth keeping an eye on.

  • Maxwel Cornet at 84p is a cracking price for me. Plays regularly for Lyon and has a decent return on goals and assists over the past 2/3 seasons. Been linked with Liverpool in the summer and no doubt will end up at a top 6 team within a couple of years.
    For the immediate future Lyon are in a CL group where they should get results. Can only see him rising. He's 22 and has played every level for France apart from senior before switching to the Ivory Coast.

  • Just this morning got on Diogo Dalot. 81p returning from injury and Utd have a thin squad with plenty of games, he covers both RB and RW slots and is clearly a very talented boy. Portuguese u21, needs game time to show his pace and power. Hopefully can get a few assists. But 81p for a United youngster, he is underpriced. Look at the other similar aged players.
    McTominay 1.18
    Axel Tuanzebe 1.23
    James Garner 1.70
    Chong 1.72
    AWB 2.07
    Even this joker with 0goals/0assists
    Lingard .97

  • @BarbayanBrawler Good shout but many of the youngsters you mentioned hold the 'English youngster' premium.

    I went for Fred following all the injury announcements ahead of a busy fixture list but you are making me question whether Dalot was a better option

  • @Chris-J Ye i totally get that the others have the 'English' factor about them. Dalot has other variables going for him. Possible push for Euros, defender that could play as a midfielder and get assists. Generally a good player, still to show his best form for Utd but powerful runner and aggressive, with decent delivery. Utd fans have liked his game so far, i just think he's been overlooked on the market and could play a bigger role than many may think at Utd this year.

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