• Fairly new to this site, just wanted to know why Benzema is only 96p? He has a pretty consistent scoring record and will still be a 1st teamer this year.... Is he still worth lumping on?

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    It is his age. When he retires he is worth 0p and he is already 31 so his price won't go up from where it is.

  • If Real Madrid go far in the Champs and he plays ahead of Jovic he will rise. So far, I think Real have been most successful with Benzema in the middle of a 3 up top. They've tried to play them together at the top of a 442 but they've just been poor. I guess Hazard coming back will cement the 433 but who knows right now?!

    Regardless, there are far better options to lump on.

  • OK cool, thanks for the help

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