Grealish future England player?

  • Just wondering what peoples thoughts are on Jack Grealish. I don't hold, but do people think he'll get an England call up? If he did his price would increase, but I have my doubts on him at that level. Saying that, I could be wrong - I often am!

  • I’m not Irish but I’d love to see him with zero England senior caps at the end of his career.

    But i reckon he’ll get capped at some point this season- especially as it appears that Southgate doesn’t rate Maddison.

  • Too many in front of him in my opinion but who knows with injuries. When you look at the last squad and then I would say Alli, Ward-Prowse and the returning from injury Lewis Cook are probably all in front of Grealish as well.

    It will either take injuries ahead of him or some outstanding form for Villa to push him into the reckoning now.

  • Im starting to build up my Grealish shares after selling him for a nice profit pre season. , i still think the jury is out on him but there are a few potential factors that could see his price rise significantly over the next 12 months if he plays half decently (which he has done so far admittedly in a struggling team - e.g he created a host of opportunities in the match against Bournemouth which they lost.)

    The England Factor - its not unreasonable to expect him to get a call up at some point in the next 12 months as he offers something different to what they have in midfield.

    The Transfer factor. I see him being eyed up someone like Spurs again should he string a few decent matches together.

    He also seems to be a bit of a "Character" whether you like him or not and one that will attract MB.

    I think tbf some of the above is already factored into him price but if they actually come to fruition then he could potentially rise to over £3 - £3.50 quite quickly.

  • I hold him. I don't know when, but at some point he will have a decent rise this season. He is one of those players that the media naturally gravitate towards and at some point he will have a purple patch and rise. It could be this week, it could be February. I am happy to be patient on this one

  • Is Barclay better than grealish.. I’m not sure he is

  • @NewUser309532 are you comparing Ross Barkley to Jack Grealish?!

  • @ChazFI123 yes lol

  • @NewUser309532 in the Villa matches I've seen Grealish hasn't even been their best midfielder this season, McGinn has looked a step above. So for me he shouldn't be near the England team for a good while yet

  • @ChazFI123 well I’ve watched Barclay and winks quite a bit lately and honestly think grealish will be a better player than both of them and I see him eventually getting in England squad

  • @NewUser309532 you've just said will be, not that he is right now. England shouldn't pick their team on who will be the better player in 5 years

  • @ChazFI123 the question was will grealish be an England player in the future.. read what he said

  • @NewUser309532 it actually says .. grealish future England player ??

  • @ChazFI123 who the fuck mentioned 5 yrs you loon

  • @NewUser309532 you said 'Is Barclay better than grealish.. I’m not sure he is', that is present tense not talking about the future. Also you can't really compare Winks and even Barkley to Grealish as they play completely different roles. Winks sits in front of the back four- not sure Grealish has that in his locker.

  • To a certain extent I agree with @janner73 that there are a number of attacking midfield options ahead of Jack Grealish atm.

    Southgate, we know from the last two games, prefers Barkley and behind him in the queue is Mason Mount and James Maddison. I'd put Grealish behind all three of those. Dele Alli jumps to the front of the queue when he is fit, all of which puts Grealish 5th imho.

    All of the above is disregarding Jesse Lingard too.

    EDIT - I forgot Ruben Loftus-Cheek too. That makes Grealish 6th or 7th choice now!

  • @ChazFI123 but Barclay plays in exactly the same position as grealish ..

  • Grealish is rubbish in comparison to all others mentioned.
    Will never put on an England shirt (senior squad) unless he heads down the pub to watch the game with his mates or buys a ticket to sit in the stands.

  • @NewUser309532 you're welcome to your opinion but I don't think Barkley or Winks will be losing any sleep over Grealish taking their place

  • @gball1975 but he managed to put a few decent crosses in the championship- surely that means something?!!

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