what is going on?

  • Guys I've been on FI for just under 12 months and done have well sp far. I've seen the craziness that IPOs can bring, but am seriously struggling to see why people are buying into the latest batch. I've seen many examples of what can only be described as journeymen players who have been unheard of in their mid to late 20s being snapped up. They are unlikely to have meteoric rises or long term hold value? Their opening prices being 40-60p and rising 15p plus. Makes me look at players on the index who look vastly undervalued now.
    I piled into Emre Can when he wasn't selected in the Juve champions league squad. Yes he may be on the periphery of the Juve team now, but he's basically guaranteed a move a in Jan. A proven top club player with international pedigree and can see him doubling in value. How he be priced at 43p Grischa Promel (similar age German of Union Berlin and recent IPO) be valued at nearly double 73p?

  • People are getting in early to flip them at a higher price. Doesn’t matter who they are and where they play; flippers are hoping people will FOMO into buying them (coz IPO!!1) then will sell at a profit.

    Just stay clear; their prices will gradually decrease over time if there is nothing sustaining their value

  • @NewUser290972 it is mad. The only thing you can say... Buying an ipo on their release... You can't lose money as the player cannot go below his ipo value. Even if you are a few pence late, its a very low risk purchase. I guess some are buying to flip...knowing for whatever mad reason people will buy in. Some are buying for the low risk long term... Just hoping for one good match day or rumour spike in a 3 year period.

    These batches of shit players don't interest me tho... And nor does the new format of release and price.

    I loved the gold rush scrap for a cheap wonderkid, but the good times are over 😢

  • Basically they are releasing a lot of players who are in PB leagues with promoted teams just so they are there, not because they think they will be the next big thing.

    As Vesapian says, the days of getting a cheap wonderkid on IPO are long gone. The best bet now is hope that an average looking player who is cheap develops into a star - it does happen from time to time.

  • @NewUser290972
    Smile mate. Soon that money will be yours

  • I honestly feel its a genuine attempt by FI to inflate the prices on the market. All the players IPO’d since they've come back have been overvalued by some way. Why do this? Higher initial prices mean FI get more money in their bank to start with on top of taking a bigger cut with the 2% commission when you sell. Also your right in saying the rest of the cheaper end of the market looks undervalued compared to the Initial IPO prices of the new batch of players. Again this will probably mean people buying those players which again means more money to FI. The only player I was really interested in, of the new batch of IPO’s, was Herrera but not at that price.

  • How can you say they are overpriced, when people buy them pushing the price up even further?

  • The optimist in me is thinking FI anticipate some huge growth very soon 🤞 at which point these players at current prices would be considered market value.

  • As someone that doens't get involved in IPOs their prices don't really bother me too much. As someone mentioned previously, I too feel like FI are trying to inflate the prices but again this doesn't bother me either as these IPO prices just make other players look more appealing and better value.

    Surely the higher the prices get to for the market as a whole, the closer we are to a dividend increase which will boom the market again.

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