Order Books??

  • @janner73 sorry couple more questions...

    How will you see the value of your players... Will it be hectic big shifts up and down based on the lowest buy order at any given time? So one second its 6.50 the next it could be 6.20?

    And using your pogba example... I can see why that works for all parties... But if he's priced at 6.63...who is putting a buy order in for more than that? Would it be a patience game... Like only when absolutely no one is willing to sell? That scares me... Cos with pogba and neymar etc they are traded so frequently someone is always willing to sell. You can see now, even in a buyers market when a player is flying, people will be IS and market listing the whole time as people hit their cash out price at various intervals. I can't see a point with someone like pogba where absolutely no one is willing to sell for his current price.

  • @Vespasian32 First part I'm not exactly sure what FI will show. If it's like betfair then you would see a buy and sell price as you do now with buy price being the lowest sell order and the sell price being the highest buy order - but you should also be able to see the orders above and below that. It gets slightly more complicated because presumably there will be a buy price at the point new shares should be issued.
    In the Pogba example, if there are absolutely zero sell orders then the buy price, I assume, would be the next price at which new shares would be issued which would be something like £8.37.

    That's how I see order books starting -the buy price for every player being the next price at which new shares would be issued by FI and the sell price whatever FI are prepared to offer as an IS price and then the gaps in between get filled by buy and sell orders.

  • @janner73 thanks... At least someone has a handle on things 👍

  • @Vespasian32 I've probably got some things wrong but the core concept should be correct. I don't think Pogba would have dropped as low as he has with order books. Because I think people would have seen buy orders stacked up and had more confidence to hold.
    There will be people who get absolutely hammered by order books - they will punish poor trading more and reward good trading even more than today.

  • yeah you would never of got pogba at 6.20 with order books/short selling, at least your an optimist ;)

  • Thanks @janner73, helpful stuff

  • @shilly Of course I wouldn't have - I was just providing a theoretical example. There would have been buy orders going in above my £6.20.

  • @janner73

    Thanks @janner73, some really good info and nicely explained.

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