Vincenzo Grifo

  • I've noticed a significant rise in this player this morning and as a holder I just want to make traders aware that he isn't available to play on Sunday against his former team Hoffenheim. He joined Freiburg from Hoffenheim on the last day of the European transfer window. For some bizarre reason it was agreed he would not play against his former team even though it's a permanent move.

    Of course I don't want to put of traders as he's a class act posting 3 scores of over 200 pb last season. He has a very good goal and assist record and also a set piece taker. Also included in Italy's Euro squad for the 2 games last week, never played a minute though. At 26 he is a very good player and at 75p he's very good value imo.

    Just wanted to let traders know this is the reason he won't be playing on Sunday.

  • now this is a unique pump !

  • @nicky540 Just letting people know why he isn't playing and to try and stop the inevitable drop when he isn't in the squad on Sunday. Also if you are looking at him for IPD's then he will only play 3 games in the next 30 days. Far from a pump mate. Lots of negatives as well as positives.

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