Just gone through the top 100 players and only 1 player of value

  • Just done some serious research and only found 1 player that I would buy. So many of the graphs seem to have taken a really big dip. Do you guys still think there is much value about?

  • It’s just the cycle of the market - top players saw huge growth around the time of the share split when the bottom to mid range players saw very little activity.

    Now the rest of the market needs to catch up with the top end players and when it does activity will slow down at which point FI will need to do something (dividend increase most likely) to restart the cycle.

  • Who is the one player you would buy just to be curious?

  • ...be prepared for the dispute...

  • @Tom7471 Do you just expect players to increase without any correction? Its normal in any market

    And surely if you are seeing players take a dip, that means there are more players that are of value, based on prior price points... or have i misunderstood??

  • I assume the one player is Troy Parrott?

  • @Chris-J said in Just gone through the top 100 players and only 1 player of value:

    Who is the one player you would buy just to be curious?

    Out of just top 200; Hazard, Griezmann or Icardi look decent value to me but I agree the majority are either fairly or over priced atm.

  • Martial was near 3.50 2 weeks ago , 3.07 a couple of days ago, there is a market for him.

    Hazard will rocket if he smashes PB.

    There is always some value.

  • Hello guys and gals. I would very much appreciate a definition of 'value' and/or 'over-priced'. The market price is the market price. These prices aren't being set by a sales strategy of some kind. They are being set by buyers' propensity to invest or otherwise as the case may be. I wish to be enlightened.

  • @Tom7471 go on then u have to name him

  • Icardi 🥅 🥅 🥅

  • @Le-Blanc said in Just gone through the top 100 players and only 1 player of value:

    I would very much appreciate a definition of 'value' and/or 'over-priced'.

    When I buy a player I expect one or both of the following; 1. dividend income (MB, PB or IPD) 2. Capital appreciation

    If 1. looks a certainty it often leads to 2. as others buy into the income stream so based on my expectations of these 2 variables against the market price I can judge whether the player looks under/over or fairly priced. Of course expectations can be either wrong or thrown off course by injury, transfer or change of tactics/manager but that's the gamble.

    I sold Pogba at 735p a few months ago as although he wins plenty of dividend he had trebled in price & one his main drivers (Mourinho) had gone. Add the uncertainty over his future & he looked over priced so I sold for a good profit - he has subsequently dropped to 665p, against a strongly rising market, so my judgement was accurate. Some you win some you don't but you need to have a basic strategy & try to follow it even when others disagree.

    The market price is simply a reflection of past performance/expectations but where it is going is determined by future performance/expectations so those players with significant changes in circumstances will by definition likely have the biggest future price changes both upwards & downwards. Simply buy those which are under priced & sell those that are over priced - SIMPLES :)

  • ICARDI!!!

  • @SteveP I just saw someone IS 50...couple days before his debut at home to strasbourg!?!?! Whyyyyy

  • Funnily enough it was neymar. I just feel he could win enough dividends over the 3 years and still increase in value after the 3 year holding.

    I do agree that the players are just correcting themselves and I'm just going to have to wait or look lower down the list to find some value in my opinion

  • @Tom7471 just been catching up on this thread feeling certain the big reveal was going to be hazard! Surely he’s better value right now in his dip than neymar? Assuming he can replicate what we’ve all seen for Chelsea

  • love the patience after 4 games in england and 2 in italy and spain.

  • @Tom7471 Nice call

  • @Weedster I still think he is an absolute steal at the price. Shame he keeps getting injured but if he has a good period of playing then he could easily be £10 in a few months.

  • Still plenty of value about with the dividend increase’s! Over the next few months the market will continue to grow and grow!

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