Redmond -Southampton

  • Looking to invest my £10 and Nathan Redmond looks tasty (15 for £11.40), will he be fit for what should be an easy game against Sheffield United.

    A game that could be possibly decisive for both clubs come the season end.

  • By all accounts he was rumoured to be out for about 3 weeks.

    He missed the Manchester United game & we have obviously had the international break.

    I'd say, he'd be there or thereabouts...

    Starting 11 or a place on the bench for Sheffield United, but he should definitely be fit for the Bournemouth match & there's talk of him playing as the second striker rather than on the flanks - so I think it's £10 well spent.

    I've put a £1,000 in him myself, so I'm not telling you something I wouldn't have done with my own cash. 👍

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