Personal Favourite 5 x FI purchase (no reason or rhyme needed)

    1. Ianis Hagi (£0.44 ---> £1.04)
    2. Dejan Kulusevski (£0.65 ---> £0.94)
    3. Donyell Malen (£0.86 ---> £1.57)
    4. Dani Olmo (£0.76 ---> £1.57)
    5. Joe Aribo (£0.38 ---> £0.81)

  • Milot Rashica - £0.27 ---> £1.37
    James Maddison - £1.30 ---> £3.93
    Raheem Sterling - £2.72 ---> £6.17
    Mason Greenwood - £2.28 ---> £4.62
    Van Dijk - £1.55 ---> £3.00

  • VVD 83p now 300
    Dembele 55p now 188
    Aouer 90p now 232
    Tielemans 65p now 184
    Alcacer 80p now 180 in just the last couple of months

    Plenty of other good risers that have either been sold or averaged up by buying more, patience on FI is rewarded more often than not.

  • Moise Kean - Bought at £0.68 ------ value £2.45
    Callum Hudson-Odoi - Bought at £1.23 ------ value £4.76
    Joao Felix - Bought at £1.29 ------ value £4.43 (sold shares at £4.11)
    Yannick Carrasco - Bought at £0.44 ------ value £0.92 (sold shares at £1.19)
    Raheem Sterling - Bought at £2.23 ------ value £6.17 (sold shares at £6.15)

  • @Brane_Ormso said in Personal Favourite 5 x FI purchase (no reason or rhyme needed):

    hares at £4.11)

    just to confirm this is 'favourite holds' for whatever reason, not necassarily who you've made most money on...

  • Neymar- been bringing in the dividends

    Sancho- was my biggest cap app profit

    KDB- bought at £2.50, now over £4 and is a pb beast

    Thiago Almada- biggest hold and a bright future ahead of him

    Pogba- he didnt move so hopefully he’ll dominate MB all season long

  • Nordi mukiele - 58p -> 84p had a hunch when he was playing in pre season he might do well.

    David Brooks - £1.14 -> £1.80 my man from bramall lane. Always knew he was quality. Once fit again he'll be awesome.

    Fabian ruiz - £1 -> £2.12 another one I think will just keep getting better and better. Also woll get so much transfer spec.

    Donny van de beek - 25p -> £1.56 could have sold during the champions league run for over £2 but love the guy. Took a punt as one of my first buys and think he'll be one of the world best in a few years.

    Kai Havertz - 34p -> £3.92 doesn't get much better than this. Another early buy. May have held on too long but the guy is clearly class and another who'll just get better and better.

    Finding FI was one of the best days of my life!

  • Gravenberch around 1.54 now but in next 6 months imagine his price .. .

    Previously i got Gilmour 0.65, maddison at 2, alcacer at 1, osimhen at 50p, pulisic 1.50, b silva at 1.50,

  • @Zola25 what so you see in him that suggests hes worth a massive amount?

  • @Stevo

    I havent even seen him play live! But from what ive read and heard by numerous articles and people who understand football.. he is v highly rated... just like previously others were. .. obviously everything is a risk when it comes to youth youngsters .. and time will tell

  • @Zola25 knowing what FI has been like recently with massive rises in young players that nobody has ever seen it wouldn't surprise me one bit if this guy doubles in price over the next year.

    I just find it doubly baffling when hes not even a regular for ajax, let alone a team in a PB eligible team. I thought I was mad buying van de beek 2 years ago as he was fairly unproven and not in a PB league but at least he washe dirt cheap.

    Ajax got to the champion league semi last season, they were 2 mins from getting to the final and he still only got to £2 so this guy is guna have to be pretty amazing to get to anything above that surely?

    Just makes no sense to me.

  • @Stevo

    Totally agree.. . Tbh i go with how FI works (well how inthink anyway) aswell as my own research.

  • Rhian Brewster (£1.62 ---------> £2.93 - could have sold at £3.80 but will easily reach that price in the next 2 years)
    Milot Rashica (£0.72 -----------> £1.44)
    Ronaldo (£2.98 --------> £2.99 - looking forward to a good season of dividends leading up to the Euros)
    Sancho (£6.38 -----------> £7 - only way is up for this one)
    Leander Dendoncker (£0.56 -----------------> £0.66 - be pushing around £0.90-£1 for the Euros)

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