Rash ‘bottomed out’ ❓

  • I deffo think 🤔

  • You can never tell the bottom exactly... But given that he was £5 just before missing a pen in their last game... He definitely has a lot of potential for a big rise.

  • Hopefully, expecting a good few goals from him in the next 7 nice looking fixtures on paper before the next international break.

  • @Vespasian32 Rashford IMO has ‘sporadic’ bursts of form
    He’s already my biggest hold but I’m in for more

  • @Friedeggs I've got a reasonably big hold in rash and agree hes definitely got a rise in him over the next month with any luck.

    Be aware though that I just happened to be looking at the ticker half an hour ago when one trader dumped at least 2000.

    Wouldnt be suprised if theres a bit of a knee jerk reaction to that news in the next couple of hours or even into tomorrow. It's obviously hard to say but I think he may yet fall a little bit more before rising.

    Then again, I'd be suprised if it was more than a few pence so yeah I'd say it was a fairly good time to top up

  • I also hold him. Keep the faith. He will deliver. 💪

  • @MickTurbo he can ‘dip’ slightly (hope not) but there’s 20-40p to come & I’m no ‘flipper’...so I’ll get myself stocked up with wine...I’m v patient 😉

  • I recently sold him just because i feared he was in danger of becoming another could of been player. I know hes still very young but theres a lot of very talented youngsters up and coming that could surpass him. Sancho already looks like a far better player which means his spot in the england squad is at risk. Then if the hype around Greenwood is to be believed then Rashford’s media attention at united could transfer over to Greenwood. Rashford really needs to step it up a notch this season in my opinion

  • @Black-wolf Out of interest....who invested in instead ❓

  • @Friedeggs i doubled my holds in Brewster and Willock

  • Our next 5 games are tough. Leicester aren’t mugs and West Ham have a great record against us of late at home. Then Arsenal at home won’t be easy as they have had a better transfer window than us. Then Newcastle away and then Liverpool. I wouldn’t get to carried away with thinking we have easy games lined up, they’re no easy games especially for a united side that haven’t strengthened nowhere near enough.

  • Willock over Rashford.

    Funniest thing I've read all day @Black-wolf. Cheers dude. I needed a good laugh tonight 😂

  • Has it really been a drop?

    I know he is down about 50p from his height but he was about £4 prior to the Chelsea game 🤔

    I'm a glass half full type of person, I'd like to think he has gone up 50p in 6 weeks.

    So I don't anticipate a rise as quickly as other people are saying on here. 🙄

    It's about having a bit of perspective, worse case scenario he could drop further if Sancho's form continues.

    Kane & Sterling are certs for their England places so it's a shoot out between Sancho & Rashford for the remaining forward position.

  • Irrelevant to FI as he’s well rated so he will rise for sure but as a united fan is he really that good?
    Yeah work rate and effort but real skill and ability level I’m not sure - he’s totally unreliable for me

    Couple martial ability with rashford effort and u would have one hell of player

    But for me an attack of rashford James Lingard mata is a much bigger problem than the defence last season was

    Mayb if the attack had scored a few more goals the defence could have been cut some slack for conceding 1 or 2 but if untied went a goal down or needed a goal the attack could not deliver it - same problem this season.

  • @LukeMalla really? Willock looks like he’ll be a cracking player. I have always liked Rashford even though i cant stand united but i wanted him to do well from an England POV but im starting to doubt his place in the squad.

  • All Rashford really needs to do is score a goal for him to have another massive spike imo. He needs to have a big season, and so far he hasn't delivered. He really needs to prove himself in our attack in these next set of tough fixtures.

  • I wonder whether rashford will be the new Welbeck. A really good player but doesn't score enough goals to be a top striker. Feel like he may well struggle long term to find his true position.

  • @Andy traders just seem to be so impatient, a lot of holders of Rashford see him as a 3 year investment so I'm not too worried about his price fluctuations, however a couple of goals would be nice just to put him a bit more in the green for me!! Same thing has happened with Maddison, an international break has happened and everyone seems to have forgotten how well he has started the season- think he is gonna cause the United midfield all sorts of problems on Saturday. The fact Leicesters midfield is quite a bit superior to United's worries me

  • @ChazFI123 Yeah definitely. I am slightly tempted to sell my Rashford holds and use the cash to buy Maddison, I just have a sneaky suspicion that there's more growth in Maddison compared to Rashford, but will have to see. I'm already in the green for him, but would be nice to squeeze more money out. 100% Leicester's midfield is better than ours, and it's scary how good I think their midfield is. A 3 of Ndidi, Maddison and Tielemans, that is really good. I really like Maddison, I think he's an excellent player

  • @Andy Ndidi and Maddison would walk into United's team. I think Leicester may sneak it 2-1, especially looking at Uniteds home form recently and if AWB is out, next 5 or 6 PL fixtures aren't great at all either, most of them are potential banana skins. Thing that does my head in about Rashford is his stupid free kicks, none of them ever really looked like going in, especially with Maguire in the side now they might as well try use his magnet of a head

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