Benjamin Pavard

  • With Kimmich being sloted into central midfield permanently for both Bayern and Germany is this now Pavards opportunity to carry on in right back and carry on his decent form? Goal and assist in 3 matches not a bad start. Cheap price 94p I bought today hoping price rises I see alot of movement. Whats your opinions fellow traders?

  • Personally I’m a big fan of Pavard, was really impressed with him at the World Cup. Was gonna buy him and then he scored a couple weeks ago and his price boomed, think there might still be some room for an increase though

  • I made a post earlier about this as believe Kimmich will be reclassed to a midfielder.

    Pavard looks like he can become the dominant PB defender at Bayern if Kimmich does get reclassed. couple that with him being 23 years old and in the French national team and he looks exceptional value at 94p.

  • I kinda think that Kimmeich being moved to CM was more to do with Goreska being injured at the start of the season. Which would see Kimmeich move back to RB and Pavard to CB. I think Pavard will still be a good option but i don't hold and probably wont be buying in, but that's more to do with the fact i already have holdings in a few Bayern players (hernandes/thiago/kimmeich/Goreska) and i would not want any more then that right now, but i should think that Pavard would be good for the EUROs too so he is still a decent pick, just not for me at the moment.

  • Not quite sure Kimmich is now a permanent CM for Bayern - hasn't he started a couple of games at right back this season?

  • Niko Kovac has already come out and said he wants to keep Kimmich at RB, so would certainly not expect the reclassification. Packard will likely be in and out of the team I’d imagine

  • Good player and someone I invested in a few weeks ago.

    For me he is someone that will most likely, steadily increase throughout the season, especially as the euros draw closer.

    He is also playing in a very dominant team which can only help his PB potential.

  • @NewUser142017 said in Benjamin Pavard:

    Niko Kovac has already come out and said he wants to keep Kimmich at RB, so would certainly not expect the reclassification. Packard will likely be in and out of the team I’d imagine

    100% correct Kovac has already stated this 👌🏼

  • @DavidMUFC1987
    My apologies, well I have to hope he slots into cb and surely for longer term he will be at the Euros.

  • @Sebastian
    I’d be thinking the same if I hadn’t of read what Kovac had said lol

  • @DavidMUFC1987 the exact quote was "Kimmich will not leave the RB role completely".

    My interpretation of things is that with Goretzka still out injured the lineup will continue as is and if Kimmich is playing RB in games Bayern may change to a back 3.

    It's certainly correct to highlight that there is a good deal of doubt on whether Kimmich plays more in midfield then RB but my money is on him playing the '6' role regularly this season, thus, I believe the reclassification will happen.

  • Thoughts on Serge Gnabry price first time i watched him for Germany looked fantastic.

  • I read that Goretzka had surgery to remove a bruise to be honest never heard of that kind of surgery, hoping Pavard stays at right back for at least the next few weeks, I also read that Kimmich himself prefers the dm position I know hes not the manager but maybe the future keeps him in that position. Kovac quotes ofcourse make me think the opposite but Im prepared to stick it out and see what happens. With Champions league coming back and a game against tottenham on top of that Bayern have 6 games in the next 30 days Im looking for him to have strong games. This is the player I hold most futures in Ive never owned 200 futures but now I do I had the big boys but Sancho and Sterlings prices didnt allow me to buy enough to keep me excited.

  • Sorry for dragging this old thread up but, why the rise on pavard today?

  • @Gregolocky cant see owt specific mate, but like most other players hes at about 50% of his true market value currently, so the question I would ask is not why is he rising, but who's next. Answer: could be virtually anybody

  • @MickTurbo cheers pal, next defender riser = first one to score on the 12th 😜

  • What are people's thoughts on Pavard?
    I was this close >< to buying some last week and the only thing that held me back was Alphonso D. It's a bit like Andy Robertson at Liverpool, except less pronounced as Alphonso isn't yet the PB beast that TAA is.

  • @TotalPunt if you are after pb over the next 12 months i think Pavard is much the better buy . i think a good comparison for alphonso is haaland. A future star with all the hype. Both are great buys but for different reasons. davis has sentiment and promise .pavard has proven pb

  • @TotalPunt I hold Pavard and he seem's to have a better base than Alphonso and has proven he picks up a decent amount of divs and is half the price.
    Alphonso is undoubtedly an incredible young player but his pb never seems to match. I've seen him play some amazing games and even when he score's or assist's he still doesnt seem to post big scores.

  • He is my current target for top up on my quest to buy the entire Bayern starting 11 for the new season so I would have liked a bit more of a delay on his rise, currently only hold 100 and was hoping for 300.

    He has the best PB base plus chance for GWG of Bayerns defence imo and I think that's something important that is overlooked. Alaba has good base PB, an Davies has decent goal participation, but you really need both to win on a gold day.

    He also has Euros with a potential tournament winning country, so theres that.

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