Outrageous tip for IPD

  • @bernardb said in Outrageous tip for IPD:

    I think my outrageous IPD tips of De Silvestri ( Torino ) and Lobotka ( Celta Vigo ) have as much chance of paying off as yours ie very little !!

    At least 1 clean sheet / assist / goal and we should cover the commission just about

    This post is ageing well isn't it :S

    Fabianski clean sheet last night, top defender and up 2p as of this morning, feeling smug @Bradley117 ??

  • @Brane_Ormso for every one I call right there will be one I don’t - we’re all guilty of it. My portfolio is 80% Carrasco and Bale at the minute- obviously 1 fairing better than the other. It’s nice to call it right. FI is always an education 🙂

  • @Bradley117 said in Outrageous tip for IPD:

    @Brane_Ormso for every one I call right there will be one I don’t - we’re all guilty of it. My portfolio is 80% Carrasco and Bale at the minute- obviously 1 fairing better than the other. It’s nice to call it right. FI is always an education 🙂

    You know i'm only messing about mate! We are all guilty of it and you can bet if you'd said "that's a great tip" Fabianski would have conceeded 3, got sent off and tripped over walking off the pitch breaking his arm and leg and dropping £0.15p

    Carrasco will be an interesting as far as exit strategy goes in Dec/Jan when he finally moves back to Europe.

  • I’ve decided to resurrect my last tip for today’s offering. Atalanta have averaged 2 goals a game to this point and today face a struggling Fiorentina side. Top scorers are Zapata and Luis Muriel, the latter hasn’t started any of the games, however, is top scorer averaging a goal every 31 minutes (or so). I’m expecting he’ll start today and it’s a fairly safe bet to assume he’ll be adding to his tally too - only Zapata and one other have also contributed goals. At 82p he represents decent value for a attacking player on a hot streak. After getting stuffed mid week in the UCL they’ll want to bounce back strong AND that spanking has knocked a couple of pence off his price

    There are 6 games over the next month he can be involved in, including a home UCL games against Shaktar Donetsk. The only difficult games there are in this run is Roma away and Lazio, but you wouldn’t be surprised if they took something away from both. Get on it!!

  • I cant remember who came up with the idea but the more I think about it the more i think an auto-rebuy for IPDs would be such a good idea. (credit to the person who came up with the thought).

    It suits both the user and FI. I have players i am trying to sell to rebuy for IPDs but so far they have been on the sell queue about a week. I therefore receive no IPDs for these players and FI receives nothing in comms until they are sold.
    If there was an option to auto-rebuy then every 30 days FI would be potentially making 2% off whichever player I rebuy. As it is by the time I sell and rebuy it could be nearer to 2 months. Anybody see any flaws in this suggestion?

  • @NewUser731
    Who would rebuy?
    To rebuy you would need to sell. Market sell wont work because as you said, they could be on market for ages. IS would cost ppl lots and you can do that manually anyway.
    FI won't want to charge to you 2% just to let you have IPD's again. You are basically suggesting a pay to play system.

  • @MrWh1te I would rebuy my players to have the option for IPDs. I have done this in the past and it has been very succesful - at the moment though it seems less people are buying, hence why i would like the instant rebuy (don't know if it is a selfish and illogical idea)

    May i ask why FI wouldnt want to charge the 2% for IPD Auto-rebuy?

  • @NewUser731
    I mean, if you are simply asking to pay 2% on price and get another 30 days, I don't see why they would do that, because people would do that on the players who give more than 2% on ipd's and they would lose money

  • @NewUser731 and to rebuy, you would need to sell, presumably? which goes back to the question IS or MS?

  • @MrWh1te aren't they already doing that at the moment with people buying players and getting the 2%?

    It may well increase the value of the IPD players i suppose - hard to say whether that is a good thing or not, suppose it would depend on your perspective?

  • @MrWh1te or there would be an auto-rebuy button?

  • @NewUser731 yes they are, but to rebuy people have to sell at either IS or MS.
    When you want an auto-rebuy price, would you be looking to sell at IS price or MS price?

  • @MrWh1te i would just want an auto-rebuy button - i suppose technically FI would buy off me at the current price MS (-2%) and sell back at the same price instantly. hence me losing the 2% comms.

    Looking at it from a different perspective - who is currently benefiting from me having a player on the sell list for over a week? FI get nothing from it as i haven't sold and i get impatient waiting for the player to sell. I may even give up trying to sell him and hold him and then FI definitely wont get the 2% for potentially 2 years?

  • @NewUser731
    To be able to rebuy, you would have to sell.
    FI won't want to buy off you at the market price, that is what IS is for.

  • @MrWh1te I suppose you are right, but they would know they would be auto-selling back to me at the current price so all that happens is they make 2% (potentially monthly) off my hold.

    I agree, at the moment that is what instant sell is for. But the idea of instant selling and then buying back at buy price ruins any profitability of IPDs.

    But as you say - if i am gaining from it is suppose FI are losing from it. (unless there was a correction in the players price which would presumably happen if this was brought in).

  • @NewUser731
    I think it would be one of those features that just gets made redundant.
    People would see they are losing money and just not use it, or the players that make money would be worth so much that it wouldn't be worth using and it would just skim profits from newbies.
    It would then get lumped into 'stay away from trackers and top risers list'

  • @MrWh1te that's fair. Cheers for the debate!! I'll still blindly wish for it and hope in the meantime by poxy players sell at some point!!

  • @NewUser731 yeh you simply mean Renew not rebuy and then white would have understood. Basically you don't wana pay spread plus commission when your 30 days is up...

    You own cavani, 30 days later you want to click 'renew' pay 2% commission to FI (without selling/buying) and then you get another 30 day eligibility on that player.

    Makes sense... What they lose in earnings on IS spread they might make back by having more people buying ipd players.

    Trouble is over 30 days you get 5-8 games... Quite easy to beat the 2% so FI would be losing money. Maybe they could set a new rate on this 'renew' option like 5% (pretty much the best spread plus commission you get at the moment)

  • @Vespasian32 yes you have it exactly right. Although you could argue the players price would just adjust accordingly based on the number of fixtures.

  • @Vespasian32 Yes I got that.

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