Odegaard or Oyarzabal

  • I have about £200 and have narrowed it down to these 2 players but can’t decide which to go with.

    Martin Odegaard - £2.14
    6 Games in the next 30 days
    20 years old
    9 Goals and 12 Assists last season
    Plays 90 minutes week in week out for club and country

    Mikel Oyarzabal - £1.70
    Also 6 Games in the next 30 days
    22 years old
    13 Goals and 2 Assists last season
    Takes penalties for Real Sociedad
    Started for Spain in last Euro Qualifiers

    Your thoughts please...

  • I hold neither at the minute, but have held Oyarzabal in the past.

    This is a no brainer.

    Oyarzabal all the way. Cheaper, better player, more chance of a big move.

    Case closed!

  • Hold both and rate both. Depends what u want. If you're holding long term I'd have to go with @Ericali and say oyarzabal if for no other reason than spain are certs for the euros and norway look 50/50.

    Actually just bought oyarzabal today

  • Held both for a while now and no reason not to keep holding.

  • Why not buy 50 of each? Personally I'd go for Oyarzabal. I sold him but wish I kept hold of him longer. Odegaard has to be pretty close to his ceiling and Oyarzabal has potential to be worth the same if not more.

  • Oyazarbal, definitely more space for growth with him

  • @Journey little bit torn on odegaard. It's possible you're right that hes close to his ceiling but at the same time, a big season and theres a chance of going back to madrid.

    Could certainly use the money I have in him else where but fear it could end up being a huge regret. Theres no denying that I'm a bit attatched

  • At the end of the day they are both young and have plenty of potential for future growth and are both a fraction of the price of Joao Felix for instance🤔

  • @MickTurbo I'm gutted about Odegaard, I sold him at £1.20 in the summer when he was "definitely going to Ajax" and then didn't manage to get on for his big rise. I think both are quality players in real life and should have big futures

  • I own both but I recently invested extra in Odegaard as he looks to have a decent pb game in him.

  • Mr. @Ericali makes a bloody good point to be fair.

  • Odegaard. Don't hold the other one!


  • I hold both, but Odegaard is one of my favourite players from my portfolio. I like them both but I think Odegaard is the better player. He commands the pitch and is constantly looking for the ball. Future big pb earner.

  • Odegaard PB average 148 with high 214
    Oyarzabal PB average 54 with high 185

    Odegaard much better looking PB & looks too good for sociedad & younger
    Oyarzabal is still quality & also looks too good for sociedad and cheaper

    I’d Buy into Both 👍🏻

  • @Brad

    I'd have a but of both.. .his team mate adnan januzaj looks like a starter this year and of he gets into form his price is v low and could turn out to be a bargain.. .regular in belgium squad too

  • I got on Oyarzabal at 0.72 but still holding for him to really take off!!!

    Think potential transfer links could see him this year boost further whilst if Odegaard does well he's not likely to leave Real Madrid (or indeed play for them anytime soon)... Both young and exciting though with big futures so why not have both? Oyarzabal I think needs his form to continue for his price to keep improving whilst I believe people will be a little more patient with Odegaard because of his pedigree.

  • Odegaard for me is one of best 3 year holds on the platform, he has made remarkable progress and if he continues to the madrid first team and plays in Euro 2020 he will continue to rocket. PB friendly.

  • @BarbayanBrawler totally agree, and I hold, but my worry is norway failing to qualify for the euros. Wont affect his career ultimately but he'll crash over the summer where if they do qualify hd could enter the big leagues on here

  • @MickTurbo get out and back in then over June.

  • @BarbayanBrawler it's certainly crossed my mind to to just that. Generally it backfires though. I've been on and off him since he was 62p and missed most of his Rise's, currently 35p in the green on him but could have been over £1.50 and almost 250%

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