Happy Friday Everyone (Early One This Week)

  • Quite enjoyed the International IPDs this week - that said, I actually earn more in media divs than I do IPD...but never mind, pennies are pennies.

    Some of the missing players IPO'd and the majority of people left them alone.

    Ronaldo scored 4....he's awsome and twitter went into meltdown when you saw his kids cheering daddy on (must have been in his front room, as they were in baby grows and pointing at a large screen), just a guess.

    This week has been slow at work, picked a bug up and took yesterday and today off work as I have a tiny 60 mile ultra race to run on Saturday. My nav skills are wank, but i'm lucky, this race follows the coast, so as long as I keep it on my left I'm going in the right direction.

    https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/barry-wilkinson8 is the link to my justgiving page, no pennies on it yet as I am about to share it on my facebook page, so family and friends should start to donate, but it only takes one of you....and only a quid or two. I'ms saying family and friends....they just people that follow me to report back to the ex that I have an awesome life.

    Tracking my 60 mile run can be found here http://live.opentracking.co.uk/19hm60/ i'm number 311.....DOT watching is fun.

    Who's gonna be lucky with the grand? And who would you win if you did win?

    Nothing more to report, my usual wit has gone, I feel shit, got 60 miles to run tomorrow....ill either do it or end up in A&E on a fecking drip or something!

    Don't believe every account on Twitter is wank and up to no good, there are some shady facebook groups too. Do your own research, follow like a sheep those you trust, invest only what you can afford to lose.

    Look to your left and call whoever it is a 'BELL END' and just carry on with your day....let the little people inside your head make you giggle to yourself.

    Enjoy every second we have left, take care all.

    Oh, and its early cos I'm driving up to Guisbrough cos I have 60 miles to run tomorrow and miss all the footy!

  • @Milnerman

    Good luck tomorrow!! Stay out of A&E and the sea.

  • @Milnerman my neck off the woods that, but I'll be in the car in a couple of hours going even further north for a long wknd in some place that I know nothing about because booking holidays/breaks is the wifes department, expect some hot tub shenanigans.

  • I’ll donate cause I’m in a giving mood @Milnerman

  • @Milnerman up the blades! ⚔🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀(And the millers)

  • @MickTurbo Enjoy mate........not sure if I should try and stay off the nest tonight, might need all that energy for tomorrow.

  • @Stevo Up the Millers mate.

  • @Gregolocky Cheers, got £40 raised so far :-)

  • @Martyn-B That rhymes.....cheers mate.

  • @Milnerman said in Happy Friday Everyone (Early One This Week):

    @MickTurbo Enjoy mate........not sure if I should try and stay off the nest tonight, might need all that energy for tomorrow.

    Some good little dogging spots up guisborough woods mind, pity to waste 'em 😂😂

  • I enjoy these Friday posts.

    60 miles is a fair old distance, good luck!

  • @Gregolocky

    THANK YOU for the donation.

  • @Lukeroro It is a fair old distance, and with it being coastal there will be a fair few steps too.......

    It's going to be tough enough, but I have had some type of virus that has kicked the shit out of me over the last week. Be reight, I'm Yorkshire........

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