Aguero v lewandowski

  • Aguero cost 1.83 and lewandowski 1.50

    I'd go for lewandowski all day long at this price.. .both score goals.. same age .. champions league.. aguero probably rotated but lewandowski will play more too. .. ur thoughts .. .

  • @Zola25 lewa could also be in the Euros?

  • @Zola25 aguero gets the odd mb win tho for breaking City and Premier league records.

    Icardi younger and in an easier league... If he starts well he's better value than both cos he has future transfer spec probability.

  • @Squire1905

    Yep, main man

  • @Vespasian32

    Just comparing the two here. .. but icardi is interesting.. lets see how he gets on.. will he be a regular starter once all fit.. neymar mbappe n cavani.. most likely roated as he is on loan

  • Just between those 2 I'd go Lewandowski, he is the main man at Bayern, and Bayern have an easier league so looking at IPD you're more likely to get more from those than Aguero. However MB Aguero is more likely.

  • last season Aguero got dragged off a lot after say 60/70 minutes after scoring 2/3 goals which massively effected the no of PB's he could have won.. I would never write him off as he'll no doubt at the price he's at get you a return but as said a lot of love for Lewandowski in that he's Bayern's 'only' striker and that he'll likely play every game unless injured and has the added incentive of the Euros next summer.

    For me I would opt Lewandowski above Aguero but if I were being greedy considering the price of some younger but inferior strikers out there then why not have both???

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