Move for Van de Beek now?

  • I’m tempted to get in on van de beek atm. Obviously he had a potential move to Madrid fall through during the summer and stayed at Ajax. At £1.57 currently, seems a decent price for a mainstay in the Ajax team and with internationals with Holland. Do people think he’ll be on the move next summer if he performs well?

  • Think if he has another good season and performs in Europe he will get a move. A good showing at the Euro's will also not harm him. Ajax have a ready replacement, Dani de Witt who they've sent on a season long loan to AZ, if he performs in Dutch league and Europa league he can slot straight in. Also Dutch U21 international and got 2 goals in there recent fixture, only £0.60 and on my watch list to see how settles in at AZ

  • Personally I wouldn’t factor in international football where he’s concerned atm.
    Hasn’t started any of their last ten competitive games, not sure if he’s ever started one.

  • De Beek has started this season the way he finished the last, on top form, would say a move is definite but to where is the question, if Pogba leaves he could be on Uniteds radar

  • Van De Beek has a big future outside of Ajax..Super player

  • @Andy I've totally changed my buying strategy over the last 6 months to only buying PB eligible players. However, I can't bear to let van de beek go. I still have 300 and total FOMO that he'll come to the premier league or real madrid and be a class act.

    The fact hes a goalscoring midfielder adds so much to his value. If he does well in the champions league I can see him creeping back up towards £2.

  • He's a quality long term prospect. He probably won't move to a PB league until next Summer, but when he does, it'll be to one of the major clubs. In the meantime, he has a bit of PB & IPD potential in Champions League with Ajax and general capital appreciation.

    I flipped him 4 times in the first 6 months of this year, all for a reasonable profit. But have started buying back into him again with any dividends I win, to try to build up a new holding.

  • Anyone know when he is back from injury? im tempted to top up

  • Gonna have to keep a close eye on him the next month or so. Will most likely go in and buy him. Lets hope he performs well this season and moves

  • anyone know why the madrid move didnt go ahead?

  • @NewUser383114 Unsure, but if I had to guess Madrid probably didn’t have the cash to go through with the purchase as they already spent a lot by that point

  • @ocs123 assuming eriksen goes next year, I’m sure spurs would love him?!

  • @HPcoys yeah was just thinking that. Would be a great replacement for spurs

  • @NewUser383114 possibly dependant on offloading bale, but if he doesn't end up at a top club by next season I'll eat all the hats I can find

  • @NewUser296743 I’ll hold you to that. I just dipped in and bought 115 holds in him. The way I see it, if Madrid were (rumoured) willing to spend €60/70million on him, he must be a good player

  • @Andy feel free, as long as you supply the hats! In honesty he was one of the stand out performers in the UCL last year, always in the game, can score and assist, just think he went under the radar a little cause of the clamour for de jong, de ligt at al

  • What happened to Ziyech? A move next summer likely? Just been named player of the month in Holland.

    Also planning to slowly build up Tagliafico shares, pretty sure he'll move next year.

  • The only thing that makes me a little uncertain about all the ajax players is that if they dont make it through the group stages I think people will lose interest until summer

  • @NewUser296743 yeah, probably the only caveat I guess with the Ajax players. If they perform well in the league though (quite likely) then clubs will be sniffing around for them

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