• I have a question about the trackers I hope someone can shed some light on.

    If I was to buy a top 100 tracker in September, however, by December ten of those players in my original tracker had dropped out of the top 100 and replaced by ten players who were originally out of the top 100, does football index keep the original ten players in your tracker or replace them with the new players?

    If the answer is replace, how is this process organised regarding sell price of the players dropping out and buy price of the players coming in?

    There are some interesting graphs on trackers showing their high profitability I want to confirm -

  • @NewUser433928 The tracker is simply 1 future in each of the current top 100 and once bought you can do whatever like with each of those futures so they don't change as players drop out of the top 100.

  • I see, thanks.

    So it's not really a tracker, its just a quick buy of all the top 100 players at that specific time?

  • @NewUser433928 Exactly that.

  • Has anyone done this and just held them? Would be interested to know the returns.

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