• 37p- monaco look better and he's bacl from getting a red card. If anything he is a cheap ipd playet with chances of ipd in assists and goals. He is the sort of guy who will have a good game and win pb. Hes got a good fixture at the weekend and more chance of winning as less games on that day. What your guys thoughts i have a few but was thinking of topping up?

  • Yea, i agree. I think he can make mid 40p this week if he has a good game. Im on at 33p though so its a safe hold for me.

  • @Sir-Craven he could easily add 10p in value in a short space of time i think. He gets goals as well for a cm

  • I have 116 at 34p average after reading a post on here I have been putting my divs into him for some of the season.

  • I've been banging his drum since he was 27p and it's been frustrating seeing him miss games for an undeserved red card but I think I'm gonna be rewarded before long as I currently hold 635

  • @MickTurbo Nice. I think it was your thread I saw. I tried finding it the other day and couldn't.

  • @MrWh1te if I remember rightly I just put him in the sub 40. Not one for making a single player thread but I was fairly vocal about him for a bit during pre season.

    I've recycled all my futures for ipd eligibility

  • Also thrown some of my div money on him got at 30p think he’s a got some potential at his current price

  • you still holding @MickTurbo ? he won you any divs at all ? dont wanna jinx it but he could today haha

  • @nicky540 no mate I was disappointed with his pb, his lack of minutes and he was on a bit of a hiding to nothing cos Monaco are shite. Made a bit of cap app from him and would still consider buying back in if he moved to a better team in france, still think he could have something to offer

  • FFS is there anything he doesn't have an opinion on!! He better not win the 5p MB today. Just to brace myself for the next 2 days does anyone know if he is doing TV work, book signing, panto etc this week?

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