FIFA 20 & Football Manager

  • Genuinely interested if people think these games will effect how the market moves?

    FIFA 20 is due out on 26th September (I think)

    Football Manager is released in November.

    I'm thinking people labelled 'wonderkids' on FM & youngsters with the highest 'potential' on FIFA.

    I'm too old to play computer games, I've kids to look after - but I'm talking the Twitter generation & the 18-25s living at home with disposable income.


  • I think football manager has certainly affected the players I look at, but not necessarily invested in. So it's a yes and no to answer your question

  • Never too old for fm! I'm 33 but travel for work, easy way to spend time in hotel rooms... Play semi consciously while binge watching TV series.

    I don't think itl have much... When I joined FI guys like gilmour and Duncan were dirt cheap considering they were rated on FM. But the market has over inflated all these relatively unknown kids now. So only way new wonderkid will hit the market is ipo... Which means they will already be expensive and researched.

  • @Con01 you don't have to think they are a good buy, if you know they are likely to increase in value though do you? 🤔

  • @Ericali Absolutely. I think previous editions of the game have played a big role in alerting traders to some of the best upcoming talent. FM moreso as players can complete so many seasons and there's more of a focus on developing young players. FM is also highly regarded for the amount of scouting that goes into it and how well it seems to predict player development in the real world.

  • @Ericali

    Idid an experiment at Christmas and bought from the FM wonder kids list... won't be doing that again.

  • @Mike_17 but unlike fm... FI doesn't have the next youth academy loaded to the market. Whereas last year when fm19 came out and guys like saka, gilmour, Duncan had the highest potential... Looked on FI and they were very cheap... That's not the case now. Whoever the highest rated kid in arsenals academy is this year doesn't exist on FI yet... When he's ipod itl be very expensive...and ipos are already a feeding not dependant on FM/Fifa ability.

  • @Ericali Very true, although as a new user, I have backed off a lot of wonderkids as I didn't know how the market would fluctuate when the season started. Alexander Isak was one I have gone for due to his move to Soceidad and international status, one of the biggest wonderkids on FM

  • I did buy parrot during the IPO as he won my Blackburn side the champions league. I've now sold him both on here and FM for a decent profit :P

    Funnily enough looking at Greenwood he ends up as a league one player until 25 odd then joins the bottom half prem team. Foden never graduates off the city bench and goes to athletico. Sancho joins United as a bench warmer. Rashford spends most his time at West ham winning bugger all. CHO plays out his days in the Scottish Premiership for Celtic.

    Biggest loser out the top 200 has to be James Garner though. Released on a free from Utd at 24, can't find a club so he retires aged 25!

  • If it's like 2002 version it could have potential. Tevez, Torres, Robinho etc all teenagers rising to top clubs. But there could be the odd dud like legendary 70 goal a season striker Tó Madeira who the talent scout consulted by the game creators just invented out of thin air. Or Rooney unable to break into my Dagenham and Redbridge 11.

  • @NewUser142017 said in FIFA 20 & Football Manager:

    I've been looking at the list you posted & those with potential of 90 or above are:-

    Donnarumma 92

    De Ligt 93

    Havertz 92
    Sancho 92
    Almada 92
    Foden 90

    Mbappe 95
    Felix 93
    Vinicius Jr 92

    Buy all the above & should see the benefits of the FIFA money! 💰😁

  • It doesn't always work in your (my) favour..

    On FIFA, I bought Panagiotis Retsos for my Arsenal team and after very quick research I bought him on FI, too. I'm down 13p per share after getting greedy buying too many and and selling some already at a loss😂

  • There will definitely be a bump on FM20 wonderkids. The thing with the FI market though is they're pretty much all well known already.

    Also, many of them won't have been IPO'd - or if they have by that point, they'll have already been hyper-inflated.

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