• I wouldn't say hes flying, but hes up 6p today. Why though? Hes been pretty stagnant since his IPO.

    What's going on? Arsenal dont even play for two days yet. Has word got round about something or other?

    Theres value in him for sure, but there was a month or two ago as well. I'm just baffled. As a holder, pleased. But somewhat baffled.

  • @Leighton Lacazette injured , Auba will be played as a more traditional number 9 leaving Pepe on one wing and Nelson or Martinelli on the other (433 set up) however emery could play a 4312 but martinelli could still play as a wide midfielder

  • Oooh, Mint. Thanks. Hope he grabs the opportunity with both hands.

  • He should get used in the Europa league 👌🏼

  • @jay This!

  • @DavidMUFC1987 For sure , so will Saka , nelson, willock ect could be great for some prices

  • Wow! What a rise on tonights goals. Money flooding into him. Surely he has to start in the prem now?

  • That first goal, the header was outrageous. This kid is going to be class! He’s the best 18 year old in the Premier League and I’ve only watched him 3 times now

  • 4 in 2 and already such a variety of goals. I lost my head and bought 1200 in the goal rush.. But I've felt like I missed out on so many recently only to watch them rise another £1 in a week etc.

    Martinelli looks a right good player

  • @Vespasian32 The only issue for me, apart from his price shooting over £2.50, is he's classed as a midfielder (winger) when he's much more of a forward than others are who ARE classed as forwards e.g. Mahrez.
    Playing as a CF tonight but he'll not win enough PB if he remains a MID

  • @dean73 Just think of the rise when he gets re classified🤔🚀🚀🚀

  • @dean73 haland isn't winning any pb soon either.. Nor stengs, boadu, malen, greenwood, daka...

  • I think he could be king of the Index if he moves to a better league like Holland, Austria or Portugal. World class

  • @Vespasian32 malen aged well 😂😂
    But yes you are right none of those players % wise will return nearly any pb compared to likes of Kroos Messi kimmich etc so doesn’t really matter on his position he ain’t gonna win it yet

  • @jay But they get you capital appreciation in spades if you get on early enough😉

  • @Vespasian32 Maybe not but Martinelli would have won PB tonight if he was correctly classed as a forward.

  • Wow hadn't heard of this kid, looked him up, tipped for big things. Sensational header last night, stunning goal last week. Should make the Brazil national team at some stage. He's been likened to Neymar back in Brazil. Looks like a great signing by Arsenal!
    Right, time to deposit some $$$ and snap a few 100 of this guy. Should have bought him last week! 😭

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