CHO Will he rocket?

  • Just set one up in his comeback game.

    What will happen???


  • Probably an unpopular opinion but I don’t expect the same hype around him on here as last season. A few new kids on the block at Chelsea such as Pulisic, Abraham & Mount will steal lots of his buzz.

    I’d put him in the category of Felix & Vinicius who had similar breakthrough seasons last season and prices were based on becoming world class - this season they really need to start proving it by putting in consistent match winning performances to go any further ahead than they already are.

  • I hold but actually think his price may drop before it goes considerably up. At £4.75 he's priced to be performing at a high level and people will expect PB and MB performances almost instantly. If he starts off slow, which is a real possibility given his injury, people will be quick to dump and place money elsewhere.

  • Rocket? You are talking about the tenth most expensive player on here with just 12 appearances. I would be more worried about him dropping! If he doesn't hit the ground running then he will fall. I see him as a very risky hold especially after such a serious injury.

  • He is definitely an out and out gamble at his current price and market level as opposed to a sound trade..Hold a small amount of him but not expecting much in price increase over the next 12 months..maybe 20% at best

  • Again another unpopular opinion but let’s be fair most of the hype that he’s generated is from playing against farmers in the Europa League, his record in the PL was considerably worse. Not saying he won’t be a top player, but it’ll be interesting to see if he can perform week in week out. For me I think he is overpriced by over £1

  • @Karl think you may be surprised. Could star at the Euros...

  • I bought some at £3.74 ( I think he reached £5.20 odd just before his injury which I personally thought was overvalued) when his injury happened, intending to sell on his first match back. I can see him rising slowly until his match back and if he scores quickly then I think he could eclipse his peak price. Even if he doesn't score I’ll still be selling, at his current price of £4.77 theres better value elsewhere, and if he goes above £5 I think it would definitely be a good time to cash in. If he doesn't preform well I think he will settle at around the £4 mark.

  • @Hotspur so could several other players. Sancho could star. De ligt could star. Bruno Fernandes could star. Fuck Lukaku could star. There are about 50 odd players that 'could' star

  • @Dr-Jan-Itor yes Sancho 'could' star. He is £2.20 more expensive than CHO. I expect that gap to close.

  • @Hotspur great work in missing the point. This wasn't a direct comparison to Sancho. And even if it were you are comparing him to a guaranteed England starter with a media move built into his price. The point was there are many more players, most cheaper than CHo that could star. Ffs Redmond could star given he has been called up to the England squad recently. I don't think he will, but there is a chance. Like there is a chance with Cho. You better hope he hits the ground running. If he doesn't and say goes a month or so without scoring, he will plummet. He is no longer flavour of the month with the media. If he hits the ground running he will get a modest rise. But if he fails, well, he could plummet.

  • @Dr-Jan-Itor hilarious post. You were the one who started the Sancho comparison - see above. I'm not sure Southgate would agree he is a 'guaranteed starter' yet, seeing as he only put him on in 70th minute v Bulgaria. Anyway, you can talk down CHO's price all you like - all I'm saying is there is plenty of potential for him to rise when he starts performing for Chelsea and ultimately England.

  • I think CHO is in the same catergory as Greenwood. Exceptional talent but really needs to start performing for their club sides when they inevitably start playing to justify the current prices, hopefully they can do just that.

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