Safe Money Shift?

  • FI has been largely stagnant maybe even deflated a little in recent times. Carrasco rose about 5p before the international break and the obvious reaction is those holding would sell with a view to reinvesting closer the next international break or ahead of the Dec 1st Chinese window.

    Despite that being what should happen and has happened when (considering injuries or no PB games) he has infact increased in value again today, only 1p but is this the sign the market is moving to these β€˜safe’ bets?

    The Carrasco transfer is the worst kept secret amongst the football world, so is this safe bet a demonstration of a shift in market behaviour? Has anyone got tips for similar players following this suit?

  • @Bradley117 my advice wouldn't be to look for safe options. Look for risky options. That's what makes you money my friend πŸ‘

  • @Stevo
    How risky we talking πŸ˜‚

  • @Bradley117 I wouldn't read much into a 1p price move.

  • With Carrasco, the cheaper you get in, the more profit you will make if you are patient.

    I have just under 10% of my port in him and am happy for it to stay that way until at least the end of Jan.

  • @ScoutScout this is my point, whilst real growth is hard to forecast in any player to see a player with sufficient shares bought post international break (as the temptation is obviously to sell) to nudge a price now is it a sign of a change in strategy- either by big hitters or the small time player

  • @Stevo by biggest hold is Bale about Β£500 worth. I can’t take any more risky holds, I barely sleep as it is

  • Anderson Talisca is a risky option I have taken - not had any credible links away from China like Carrasco but another who is way too good for that league and only 25 years old.

  • @Chris-J great goal scoring record

  • @Collymore10 yea some absolute worldies too - bound to be some links to europe when the China Super League ends in December.

  • @Chris-J interesting...

  • @DavidMUFC1987 well when munas dabbur was on twitter a few weeks ago with rumours saying he was off to besiktas, he dropped about 20p a share and I bought an extra 500 😁 risky if hed actually gone to besiktas he'd have dropped another 30p. Suppose not a huge risk at that price but the reward is high if it works out.

  • Up another penny - that’s 2p in a weekend he hasn’t played. Everyone else I have is plummeting, I think Carrasco could break Β£2 if this gathers enough traction, for sure most people think there’s more they can squeeze out of other trades before hopping on this

  • @Bradley117 another one, that’s 2p today for a player in China. When do we get the rockets out?

  • @Bradley117 when he hits Β£1!!

  • 97p now, it’s killing me!

  • I own 750 carrasco and he's my most exciting hold for guaranteed profit. Everyone buy in while you can ;p

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    Been waiting patiently for that

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