Joao Felix: Hold or not?

  • Hey Guys

    Anyone out there owning Felix for the long term? i have been holding him for about 3 weeks now and only have 3p profit on him so considering re-investing his money elsewhere.

    I suppose you can argue that he is playing for one of the best teams in the world and has Champions League football coming up but is he worth holding at the moment?

    Looking forward to your opinions on this...



  • Priced like a divs monster. There are a few priced higher who havent returned huge divs like Greenwood and sancho but their perceived divs potential is absolutely sky high being English wonder kids, one at utd, one strongly linked.

    Priced higher than any player who's sole appeal is PB. Therefore he needs to become a media player to justify his price. So can he do that being foreign and playing abroad?

    The only players priced higher than him who arent english, or in england are neymar sancho mbappe and messi.

    Therefore logically, to maintain his price, let alone increase it, he needs to become a top 5 in the world player.

    Maybe he will but hes not for me at that price, nowhere near that price

  • Agree with @MickTurbo

    I can't believe his price to be fair, just moved, won't move again for another 2 seasons at least. Doesn't win MB, doesn't win PB.

    I can't comprehend his value.

    But everytime I say it, he keeps going up regardless - puzzling. 🤔

    One of life's great mysteries......

    So I can't help you out on what's best to do @AndyP32

    Go with your gut. 👌

  • @Ericali thanks to you, I sold at a great time and made close to 140% on him. Thankful for that tip! Just the pogba thingy we can’t see eye to eye on 🤣

  • Felix is WAY overpriced in my opinion also. Messi is a far greater investment for the similar share price.

  • I agree with the above, way overpriced. If he had gone Barcelona where their style is to attack and score plenty of goals I would have kept him but I sold 3/4 weeks ago when he was booming. Plenty of other players out there who win MB & PB at his price.

  • Crazy price but he’s still holding it, not sure what for, possibly people praying he’s the new Ronaldo

  • Ive held him since February, he has risen more than £2. Will continue to rise imo

  • @King888 be careful, that bubble is due to burst..disclaimer, I still hold 300, but at a significantly lower price. I will be safe, but I’ve already warned some friends to tread with caution.

  • His price will only rocket come the euros..A long term investment for me ge will get plenty of game time and will soon rack up the my opinion.

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