RLC v D Alli

  • Loftus Cheek vlaued at 2.54 and Alli at 1.95 .... can someone explain this one . ..

    I like RLC but relatively speaking, Alli is a bargain.. one goal or top performance in his forat game back and he will rocket up imo.

  • Alli has been very poor for PB. Got to hope that somehow changes to be worth any rise. Not to say he won't just because...

    Loftus-Cheek was showing signs of being a good PB performer when he was getting a run before his injury.

  • Just before his injury RLC was posting some great PB scores, Alli has never shown that promise.

    I thinks it's more likely RLC will drop down towards Alli's price then Alli move up to where RLC is now. With that said we all live in hope Alli can discover that form of a few seasons back, whether you believe he can or can't do that.

  • For me alli is just gonna end up an IPD player but hes currently priced like a quality PB player, currently almost 30p more than Teji.

    Not sure where he fits into the england squad going forward so theres any media gone realistically. As such, until he tumbles to about 80p I'd say he was virtually untradeable unless and until he starts showing his absolute best form which did lead to some worthwhile PB scores 18 months to 2 years ago, but until then he'll be given a wide berth

  • RLC is much better for PB scores than Alli, and probably more likely to be in the England squad at the Euros.
    I see no reason for Alli's price to increase purely off any goals he scores, he needs to demonstrate he can produce good PB scores (like several others priced higher than him too) or he will just keep slowly dropping.
    If you think Alli is suddenly going to become a great PB player then he's certainly value at his price, but I don't see any evidence to suggest he will - Eriksen is the heartbeat of the Spurs midfield and nine times out of 10 will score higher than Alli much like KDB does with Bernardo and co,

  • Much prefer Sessegnon at a similar price to Alli. I think there is a danger Alli falls a bit by the wayside now with the emergence of Maddison, Mount and Foden.

  • Alli will definitely make the Euros squad unless something drastic happens. Southgate is still calling up Lingard and look at his recent form!

  • @Snrub totally agree. Alli barring injury is going to definitely be at the euros. Whether he starts is a different question, but if he can get back to form from year before then think he starts too. Last years form then Maddison should start ahead of him - but who knows what Southgate will do.

  • Goals and assists per game average Alli was almost exactly the same as Maddison last season yet he’s considered to have had a bad season. His return to top class performance is inevitable and his price will move with it. I’m on the train and have zero concerns, easy to forget just how insane his form was before last season which was ravaged with injury.

  • Alli is undervalued imo, last season he was playing a deeper role. However, with doubts over Erikson's future I think he'll move back behind Kane now and then and that's the position he flourishes in.

    Don't forget Alli is only 23, born April 96 while Maddison was born November 96 and RLC Jan 96. All young players with loads of time on their side. Admittedly Alli is the only one I hold as he represents best value of the three players for me.

  • Roughly 2 years ago I had an argument with my mate who was a Liverpool fan that Alli was better than Coutinho, so I rate/rated Alli really highly. But has his slide in form only been last season? Cause looking at his returns he still performed considerably worse in 17/18 than he did in 16/17. I do hope he returns to form cause when he plays well he’s a joy to watch but I think the dip in form has been longer than just last season

  • @stumac85 yeah, I wrote this on another thread yesterday, but he’s one of those young English players who because he started performing at such a high level at such a young age, it counts against him as he gets judged at 23 on a different scale to lots of other English 23 year olds. Like how sterling had before this last year or two! Or kinda how rashford gets now (although the hasn’t performed to allis level yet), and more so how people will probably do to sancho in a year or two when he moves over!

  • I got a feeling Alli is going to have a big season. Cant see Gareth leaving at home for the Euros either...

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