Alexis Sanchez and possible divs in next few days ?

  • Alexis Sanchez a cert for some divs in next couple of days or more ?
    He is set to get his debut in starting 11 against Udinese
    Let’s be honest he finished 7th yesterday on MB without kicking the ball for Inter.
    Long story short...he plays shit he will get plenty of MB as he will get slaughtered , he plays well he gets plenty of MB about how united shouldn’t loaned him out with possibly some IPD on top of it?

    Personally I think (hope) he will find himself again in new environment with a coach that believes in him

    Thoughts ?

  • Didnt he play for udinese years ago as well?

  • If there's a quiet weekend in the EPL, he could have a chance of MB but if any number of other players (e.g. Sterling) do literally anything, he'll be struggling.

    PB wise, it's been so long since I've seen him play well that I imagine it all rests on how quickly he settles.

  • Put a fork in him - he's done!

  • @Ericali certainly is in this country

  • @PortfolioMan

    Here's hoping Marty. If he sets on fire United, might bring him back too.

  • I can't see past the usual suspects for MB today, sorry @PortfolioMan

    Neymar - back in PSG lineup. He either plays amazing and gets MB or plays shit and gets booed and gets MB.

    Harry Maguire - Utd against Leicester. Plays a blinder and all the "Only £80 million" headlines start up again, or Leics get a result at OT and the "Maguire not worth the money" headlines from the last couple of days continue.

    Marcus Rashford - another penalty either missed or scored.

    Ronaldo - rips Fiorentina apart and scores yet another hattrick.

    Messi - IF he makes his Barca return and rips it up.

    Salah - Scores a hat full against Newcastle AND passes to Mane for a change 😂

  • Fair enough guys, bought smaller amount of shares on him than I planned based on the comments here but hope he goes out and bangs a perfect hatttick :D

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