• Not sure how bad origi was injured today but noticed Brewster was taken off after 20 mins for u23s today, maybe with champs league midweek and league cup games coming up plus potentially origi been out, Brewster might finally get some game time

  • Good time to get on him if you don't already. Probably going to be on the bench for the next couple of weeks and likely to start in the League Cup. Even if he does diddly squat he'll get a fair rise.

    Origi has twisted his ankle so not a bad injury, but probably out for a week or two.

  • This has been the part of the season I've expected Brewster to start featuring. As Kloop had said once Brewster gets some minutes it's up to him how big a part he will get this season. Hoping for big things but not expecting instant hatricks and PB wins.

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