Feedback Wanted: Buy/Sell Buttons

  • Hi guys,

    We would like to try and collect some feedback on potential changes to the Buy and Sell buttons. Specifically the colours and which button we display first.

    It seems to be common practice to display the sell button first across various trading platforms and we have also received a number of comments from experienced traders that we should display sell first.

    So, what are everyones thoughts? Should we change the colours? Should we position sell first?


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    I have no words.

  • @Mark-FI

    My first thoughts; Why?? I work on the basis of if it's not broken why fix it? Blue & red seem common sense as well as highest (buy) first so the current system seems to work well & experienced users are used to it & new users can easily understand it. The more I think about it the harder I'm finding it to understand what problem you are trying to solve?

    I'll admit on first reading like @MrWh1te I'd assumed it was a wind up but I've given you the benefit of the doubt.

  • Im happy with the colors and positions, thanks 👍🏻
    But I have heard some traders talk about the buy max button, but again I’m happy where it is

  • Grey is a nice colour.
    I'd prefer diagonals top left and bottom right and rotate which is which every other week.

    Can we have sound effects... Like a cash till.

    Always nice to be asked 👍

  • Sound effects would be great. Maybe a 'Doof' or 'a shotgun blast' for buy and 'Kerching' for sell at profit and funeral music for selling at a loss?

    Otherwise they are fine as they are.

    One thing though- can the colours be linked throughout the app and site...sell is red, but on the app on the ticker when people sell it is green and people buying is red?! And can we go back to players in our port in negative being red the colour of angry men?

    Green- buying, people buying, players in profit, players going up in pence on the market lists.
    Red- selling, people selling and players in negative, players going down on the market lists.

  • Thanks for asking, but I think that we remain as we are. The ‘if it ain’t broke......’ expression springs to mind!

    Edit: please please don’t add sound!

  • Banned

    Ok I got over my shock at the stupidity of this post, and can see this thread isn't going to go well for you so now I will try and be a little constructive.

    I spend a fair bit of time on social media and these forums especially and see lots of complaints. Some of these I will cover below. Please note, I don't necessarily agree with any of these complaints, but they are ones that come up time and time again.

    1. IPD's. Don't get paid on time. If at all. There is a post just below this thread about Sancho assist not being paid for yesterday.

    2. IPO's. Too cheap, too expensive, not regular, software can't keep up.

    3. Apps - some work, some don't. Support are useless at helping with tech. I personally can't see divs per player because I need the app for it. The app blocks me from using it, says I need to be in the uk. I am in Kent. Some workarounds include: turning off data, turning off camera and turning off alarm clock. None work permanently. Different apps/sites give different things you can do, some can search teams, some cant. No feedback on a timescale for getting it all fixed.

    4. Forum password - Password doesn't work with direct log in. Password recover doesn't work. You have to go to the main site, log in to own account and then click on forum from there. If it is supposed to work like that, remove recover password button. Or just fix it, this is basic stuff.

    5. Twitter - The place is toxic. I don't know what you can do, but something does need to be done. 2 groups of 'big boys' constantly abusing each other and I have even started seeing racist/pedo type stuff on there. This is your main way of reaching players and this is what we see all the time.

    6. Bots - Are you combating them? How? Why not use a recaptcha form when buying and selling? What happens to funds in an account when you catch bot accounts? I don't see it being redistributed to players who have been ripped off.

    7. Customer service - Seriously lacking. Everything goes on twitter (that is announced, most of the time problems are ignored). Just have it pushed to our phones and a ribbon on the site that we can read and then close when issues occur.

    There are lots more, these are just off the top of my head.

    But NEVER have a seen any comment at all about the colour of buttons and reversing them, other than Westy's comment above about making the colours the same throughout the platforms.

  • @MrWh1te

    Appreciate the post. For clarity the reason for this post is to gather as much negative/positive feedback as possible to then present to the relevant people that want to make this change.

  • Banned

    Who actually wants this change?

  • I'm another in the "If it ain't broken, don't fix it" camp. Leave the buttons as they are please @Mark-FI

    I'm also in agreement with @Westy that ALL versions of the app AND the website should be identical as much as is physically and technologically possible.

    While I appreciate the effort in gathering as much feedback from the community as possible instead of just springing changes on us, please divert energy and effort towards more important things rather than the order in which Buy/Sell are listed.

  • @Mark-FI said in Feedback Wanted: Buy/Sell Buttons:

    It seems to be common practice to display the sell button first across various trading platforms and we have also received a number of comments from experienced traders that we should display sell first.

    Would you care to share these comments? Would help to understand the rationale for having the sell button first as it doesn't provide any additional functionality.

    On the two financial trading platforms I use, one has the buy button first and the other the sell button first. I don't have any preference in the order they are displayed.

    Regarding the colours, I would suggest that could be changed as part of a complete refresh to the entire interface (desktop version) to make it less 'cartoonish' and improve UX.
    Won't add any comments on that here as you've specifically requested feedback on button order and colour!

  • @Mark-FI why change something that works? surely there's other stuf that needs sorting rather than something that works well!

  • @Mark-FI I’m happy as it is

    Appreciate the opportunity to add input

  • can you make this a poll ? might not get as much criticism, anyway im in the, leave as is camp for the record

  • Round or square plate today?

  • Nah don't change it.

  • Makes no difference if you change it. Just wastes time.

  • @Mark-FI i see no need to change this area of the platform at all. Its bot something that has ever concerned me or ever will. The way it is now is perfectly fine and needs no alterations

  • @Mark-FI Hi Mark, I think the only improvement would be doing it as a Buy, Market sell and IS on the general page, this way you could see the spread quickly.

    It's only a marginal improvement and not a deal breaker, and like others would be more keen to see improvements in other things first

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