How would you improve football index?

  • Iā€™d add a player of the month dividends

    Add all the points up through the calendar month but only qualify if you bought the player before 1st of the month. even if it was 3p play out adds a little more excitement in your purchase.

    How would you improve f.i

  • Get the PB scoring working. To not be able to see the live scores because they have an issue AGAIN is unacceptable. Getting tired of defending this now - it's the core of their product.

  • Considering the amount of players on the index how about top defender midfielder and striker from each pb league

  • Replace ipd payouts with Fulham training tops! šŸ¤£šŸ¤£

    Double pb payout for a full house of top defender, top midfielder and top striker

  • Personally I wouldnt worry about the scoring system going down more than neymar, or the constant age verification crap, instead I'd run workshops on what colour the buy/sell buttons should be as this is where FI will ultimately sink or swim šŸ˜‚šŸ˜‚šŸ˜‚

  • I honestly don't think the index needs much improving at present, too much to soon and all that.

    What I would say is the app and web interface need a revamp if not a complete overall, which, I believe is happening. At present both feel very basic and dated and in order for the index to keep going from strength to strength (IMHO) they really need to nail that aspect.

  • i quite like the idea in the OP, im not that into buying IPOs but we need every player that possibly can win PB to be on the system it just makes sense surely ?

  • Sign up some football mad countries. France, Germany, Spain and Italy would be a must.

  • What I really want, is information. Give me a database, with all the players, PB/MB scores, dates that they won PB/MB, an upcoming fixture list, any injury/suspension news. Let me filter/order it anyway I want. (age, height, PB scores, etc).

    G&A is a fixed period of 30 days, so when I click on a Mbappe, why not show me the fixtures where he can win dividends for the next 30 days.

    Other things...

    • Do one big IPO, adding every player not on the market. A defender scored in LaLiga today (Ramis), he's not on the market.

    • Split the PB up in to all the different positions, be it GK, LB, RB, CB, CDM, CM, CAM, ST, LW, RW. It would be a smaller payout for a win, but it would mean more winners. It would also give players like Kante a chance, making them more attractive

    • Get rid of the time limit on G&A or at the very least, increase it to 3 months. It would encourage long term betting and make G&A betting a reasonable idea.

  • Increase divs again because the way it seems to be going is not as attractive as when I started out. It used to be find a player to hold for the long term and get divs off or find a promising player now it's just one bad game drop one good game drop noone seems to be holding any players anymore and I'm not sure I have the time to be buying and selling all the time to make the same money. If I had joined new now I would of been out straight away. Just hope it goes back to how it was 6 months ago

  • @Dan-The-Man I've thought along them lines myself but I think just a full backs and wingers category would be more than fair

  • @MickTurbo

    I'd quite like to see them do it as a 'Team of the Day' type thing.

    They could show it graphically, which would give them a regular marketing tool.

    More winners would make life more interesting.

  • A few have said dividends already. On the technical side make it so just the surename is needed for MB points, unfair that every player loses around half their points as their first name isn't mentioned in the headline except for Neymar and a few other one word names. Fix the damn watch list and show how long is left on IPD bets.

  • Banned

    Using just surname wouldn't work, too many players share that and it would be a logistical nightmare, especially opening up to everyone and not just top 200.

    Yes one name players get an advantage, that is why they cost more. They are MB players for a reason.
    It is no different to some people rack up big PB scores, they come at a premium too.
    And if they cover both PB and MB, they become FI royalty.

  • @MrWh1te they changed pb to make it fairer, why not MB? I don't think it would be that hard for them to manage, the usual suspects will be at the top 95% of the time, when one of the dodgy shared names is near the top they can check and remove the articles in a few minutes.

  • @MrWh1te

    They don't need to use just one name to detect the player... but they could use one name in the headline to reward the player.

    Instead of scanning the headline for both names, scan the articles for both names together. It's manually checked anyway.

    I do get the idea that it's something that differentiates Neymar, etc. but it's a little arbitrary.

  • Somebody said on here before that they could use other key words. For example, where "pogba" appears in a headline that also includes the words "man utd" or "france" it's clearly about paul pogba. I mean I know he has a cousin or whatever that plays football but common sense would say that these headlines will be about paul pogba.

    Equally, just the first example that comes to mind, how many nketiah's are there in the world. If theres a headline containing the word "nketiah" what's wrong with crediting him the points. Why is it really necessary to have the full name of a player like that.

    Seems almost like double standards. Common sense would say that it would be unfair to require "neymar da silva Santos junior" because where "neymar" appears it's obviously about him, but equally, how many nketiah's could an article written by ESPN really be about.

    I don't hold nketiah by the way but hes a good example

  • Clicking on a player and some sort of data comes up when you purchased the shares.
    Tiered pb
    Instant ipd pay outs

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