• Dropped from around 4.20 to 3.83 or so in 7 days.. . Further drop possible or ? Whats do you guys think

  • I wouldn't touch him right now. No European football for extra pb/ipd and Leicester aren't exactly a stomping ground for mb anymore. His probably worth 2-3 quid based on his potential.

    Dele Alli is a similar age and much cheaper.

  • @stumac85

    Was thinking the same.. glad i sold earlier!

  • Hes a PB beast once he and leicester get going, im expecting MB chances around the next England game as he wasn't played at all so people want him in. If leicesters form continues hes also an absolute certain transfer in the summer or Jan

  • @FINorth

    If he drops to around 3.50 or below maybe i'll get back in .. . Or wait till nov/dec

  • I’d like to jump on him but not at that price. No european football and playing under Brendan mcwaffle who I think is gonna under achieve at Leicester which is a shame because I believe leicester have a decent team and could do better. Could be wrong though so only time will tell

  • Maddison will see a spike soon, always going to happen after a dip.

    Still highly suited to PB matrix, not scored yet but once he does he will see a rise.
    Still likely to be in the Euros squad.
    Still believe he will get a move to United next summer.

    Will win divs this year and will be over £4 come next summer.

  • He's probably a £3.50 to £4.00 player long term, simply think this is people realising he's peaked in price for now and taking profit.

  • @DW I think he’s more than that. He’s going to get a good transfer in the next year. Probably United. He’s clearly a huge pb player in waiting and will likely pull in regular media at one of the top teams.

  • Don’t worry about this guy, he’s going to be a 5 quid player very soon.

  • @Archer22

    When he plays in europa or champs league then yeh

  • I wouldn’t worry mate he’ll defo rise again. If anything might be a decent time to top up if you have spare funds. Very likely to be a £4.50 + player within the next 12 months. So I say be patient and you’ll be fine 👍

  • If he keeps dropping I might have to buy a few holds in it. If he hits near £3.50 I’m in

  • I hope he drops more so I can top up, Maddison will be all over the press next summer/January when he’s linked to the bigger boys! Stick with him

  • No offence to Leicester fans but this lad really is a cut above them, has everything you want in an attacking midfield player (yes I do hold)

  • Looks like he could be out for a bit. He looked in pain.
    Weirdly don't think this is particularly bad for holders. Scoring a winning goal just before injury will build hype for when he returns (if he's injured)

  • He won’t be out, didn’t look serious will be iced and looses up by next Sunday

  • @ChazFI123 said in Maddison:

    No offence to Leicester fans but this lad really is a cut above them, has everything you want in an attacking midfield player

    Very interestingly Gareth Southgate watching in the crowd, just wonder who he'd come to see?? Oh & Maddison had a blinder coincidentally!!

  • @NewUser159387 I think he was hoping Eric Dier would get a game - a midfield 3 of Dier, Henderson & Rice is the stuff Southgate dreams about.

  • @Chris-J if that’s the case just shows why we’ll never win anything on the international scene

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