Port (bleeding badly)

  • Yours ❓Confused at this stage of season 🤔

    I’m sending FI : presents /cards/chocolate for 4th birthday...to entice some BONUS

    Could it be a few are in the know ...& withdrawing with a view to bonus ❓

  • @Friedeggs where are u losing m? Is it just rashford? I've lost quite a few quid on him lately but almost covered it with odegaard. Other than that pretty stagnant and boring

  • Had what would of been a dream week goals assists players playing well got some media reality check today is ive made 15quid in divs but port dropped by more. If it hadn’t been for summer bonus and the mega jump in most players I’d be well down

  • Pretty stagnant albeit with a slight rise mainly due to Malen, Odegaard, Abraham.
    But top end continue to struggle and hoping start of CL might trigger some buying but I won't hold my breath.

  • You are not the ones. I a aware we had a bit of a boom time recently which was good while it lasted. However I have been down continually for the past 3 weeks with the exception of an increase up to kick off yesterday. Unfortunately following the post game sell off I was down yet again by more than what I started the day with. This trend has continued today too, this is despite selling a few holds recently to reinvest in other futures and adding some more cash and players. Fingers crossed things change soon ☹️☹️

  • @MickTurbo Just done some number crunching

    Are main casualties

    I know Almada (contract talks) but I don’t understand other 2

    Doesn’t affect me massively as I’ve such large port

    But this time of season is confusing ....🤷🏻‍♂️

  • I feel like I have got very lucky this weekend, in that I was thinking my port was looking pretty weak, but non PB players have increased after good performances.

    Tagliafico and Daka increased a combined 18p per share.

    Got onto Pacencia who got dividends, as should Nils Peterson (although not entirely sure if I bought him too early for IPDs).

    Was (and still am), thinking of rebuilding my portfolio as think I have managed to get sucked into the short term game a bit too much (have maybe 10% of my portfolio as long term holds).

    I also think you may see an increase once when and if a bonus is announced for their birthday

  • @Moukoko bonus plus increase in divs please 😁

  • @Collymore10 You can keep the bonus, a div increase will reignite the index😉

  • @Gazz127 need something to reignite Pogba 🤔

  • All seriousness what are if any fi going to deliver for their birthday?

  • @Friedeggs yeh I'm on rashford at exactly £4 and I've been overcame quid in front on him not that long ago. Just seems to lose pennies every few hours rather than a proper crash.

    Not sure why, hes scoring media points every day albeit now winning and hes getting goals and some really good PB so it's a mystery.

    Almada drop is another funny one, yes theres contract talks but it's just about buyout clauses which would seem to confirm the inevitable that he'll be in europe within a year so I really wouldnt worry too much. I hold 200 of each in an 11.5k port so fairly significant sums of cash.

    Lukaku is one I personally wouldnt consider, I get that hes in a weaker league so better PB in theory, I got the media thing over the summer but honestly I'd be considering biting the bullet and taking the hit with him.

    I'm not gonna go into huge detail because I dont want it to look like a hatchet job on one of your holds at all but yeh, that's one I'd be getting out of personally mate

  • Don't worry about rashford.

  • @Friedeggs all being well I'll be buying the dip on almada before the nights over actually.

    I'd do the same on rash but that would still take a few Bob so were looking at payday or selling a biggish hold. Theres 1 who's actually beyond my get out price but showing no signs of stopping so I'm still holding for now

  • @Moukoko Daka, Minamino, Hwang Hee-Chan, Erling-Halland, etc all likely to have a decent rise in the next few days if they play and beat Genk in the Champions league.

  • With the big, high price players, it seems like if they don't win divs then people are dumping them. Kane, Rashford, Sancho - all these guys had good games but have seen their prices drop.

    I think a lot of traders need to get some perspective - even the best players can't win divs every game. These guys are getting themselves into good scores and consistent performances which shows they will win divs eventually. People just need to be more patient!

  • @Wotabeast I’m just 1 step forward 2 steps back..
    is fi turning into a short term trading or is there long term opportunities still on offer? Like you say not every one can win divs

  • @Friedeggs my port is losing money as well. Rashford, Pulisic, Maddison,Tielemen, Griezmann, Emerson, ilicic, Pogba. to name a few of the losers this week. I’m going to hold them and hopefully they’ll come good soon or I’ll have to try something else.

  • It's a short term game now. Writing has been on wall since IPDs introduced. My port is volatile as a result. Some weekends flying... Not this one though.

  • Realistically, do you think we'll see a return to long term trading without a direct dividend increase (I know they've just introduced Euros dividends....)?

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