Port (bleeding badly)

  • @NewUser731 @MrWh1te @TeamGB @johnboywalker @janner73 all consistently talking absolute sense at the minute.....

    Sorry if I've missed anyone off with one or two comments but that was just off the top of my head as they've all been very vocal recently. 👍

  • @Ericali you've lost your head... Mr White has never and will never talk sense. Just the side of the argument you are on. I don't really disagree with anything the others are saying, when it comes to voice of reason can't look beyond @janner73

  • @Vespasian32 said in Port (bleeding badly):

    @Ericali you've lost your head... Mr White has never and will never talk sense. Just the side of the argument you are on. I don't really disagree with anything the others are saying, when it comes to voice of reason can't look beyond @janner73

    It's not the side of the argument I'm on....

    If you read my above post, I've said both sides will ultimately end up correct. Just one side will out perform the other.

    The side what's "losing" now just needs to stop panicking about seeing red.

    If you can't handle seeing red then your not a long term trader.

    Better off going where the money currently is - and it's not with the top 50.

    People can choose their own path.

    The mentally weak will take their ball in because they've made 50%+ then lost 5-10% over the past 6-8 weeks.

    18 months later (after the dividend increases) they will be left ruing a missed opportunity.

  • I've said my piece, aired my concerns and vented my frustration. That's it from me.
    Not another word on the matter.

    Hopefully I'll be spewing positivity and joy in a few months time

  • @ScouseSte you're sticking around then?

    I've took another battering the last 48 hours but I said I'd give it till the end of October and i will

    Edit: just noticed castagne has now gone red for me. Genuinely baffled by that

  • @MickTurbo Castagne hasn’t made a league appearance this season, just an unused sub twice. So that will explain that.
    The dividend winners at the top of the market are the poison at present but I don’t see the point in offloading now, they can only drop so far.
    Luckily, I’ve no £4+ players and have made 2% this week with a dropping footie but nonetheless as I’ve said elsewhere, it’s not a good sign when dividend winners with crucially better yields than the vast majority of the market are weak. That’s not a correctly functioning market.
    I’ve got £1-£2 players with frankly very little chance of a real dividend, but they’re young and fashionable!

  • Pogba will almost certainly yield 25%+ this season and I hold an anonymous player whom I’ve taken from 89p to £1.50+ in two months. Hasn’t won a real dividend and I don’t expect him to.
    It’s strange when people are letting good yields walk on by and pick up duds (guilty, but I know that’s what’ll pay).

  • @MickTurbo glad it’s not just me! I posted in the other thread and it sounded like everybody is going up!? 😂😳

  • @Londoner true
    just wish bernardo went up more after a hatrick
    and thought i had more saka but it is whatit is

  • A lot of people saying on here that the £1-£2 market is booming this is not really true, Hamza choudhury, Alex Oxlade, Andy Robertson all dropping quickly, lucas digne, richarlison, dwight Mcneil, Dele alli, Ross Barkley, Ryan Fraser and Zinchencko all plummeting, These are all well seasoned or good young premier league regulars, all under £2 and dropping like crazy, people need to wake up and realize the market is broken!

  • @Timothee-Atouba thing with castagne is hes just getting back from injury, pb friendly, cl footy, young and probably at the euros, and hes dead cheap so he was one player I thought might be unscathed. Not really bothered as I've pretty much stopped bothering with it all in the last couple of days but it was a surprise .

    @HPcoys definitely not only u bud, I think most of us are taking a hit

  • Down 2% over the last 7 days, it surely can’t keep dropping can it. I get why the more experienced guys are saying being patient it can’t keep rising but if you never experienced the rises then it’s frustrating watching the red.

  • When people bet on skybet and lose £100 in one game its forgotten almost instantly, where else are you going to be able to keep your bet for 3 years and win dividends along the way.

    Think about it chaps.

    Dips happen.

  • @Tom77
    You are right, but on skybet you don't get your losses in big red numbers on every page you click on like you do here, so people would (I assume) notice it more here.

  • @Aquarius damn straight. I hold many players under 2quid and most of them are either stagnant or in decline- from slight decline to a couple of plummets. One of them a 66p midfielder in pb who scored this weekend. Sure there a few players doing well, but for some people to pretend the bottom half of the market is booming is incorrect

  • And another £18 down in last 24 hours, with the exception of day everyday has been down since 22nd August. Really not sure what to do to halt it..

  • @Woody When I first started. Sold on some players after a few months. I look at all those players now whom has risen considerably since.
    It is a long game and the patience depends on each individual. I have learnt that now, if a player will I believe will be around for the next few years and doing well. I buy into the red players to get the value.
    It is not a easy thing to buy into players in red but something that long term normally gains.

  • Just needs a few announcements to push things above £8 and onto £10-12. Perhaps a dividend increase or opening up internationally or the new website. Actually all three, maybe they are waiting for a little panic before they throw out a surprise.

    There has to be a dip at somepoint or its just not right

  • Seeing other people in the same boat as me regarding their ports dropping is very comforting. Am I concerned about it? Of course I am, no one wants to see their port continuously drop. Am I going to sell? No, cause that isn’t what I set out to do or planned at the start of the season. I plan on going until at least the Euros, as all my holds are European with the exception of messi

  • @kaka8 I would like a div increase but don't think it will happen for a while. FI will point to having Euro and World Cup qualifiers as being a div increase(although I don't see it as that)

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