Port (bleeding badly)

  • Seeing other people in the same boat as me regarding their ports dropping is very comforting. Am I concerned about it? Of course I am, no one wants to see their port continuously drop. Am I going to sell? No, cause that isn’t what I set out to do or planned at the start of the season. I plan on going until at least the Euros, as all my holds are European with the exception of messi

  • @kaka8 I would like a div increase but don't think it will happen for a while. FI will point to having Euro and World Cup qualifiers as being a div increase(although I don't see it as that)

  • @MickTurbo do you think it’s just a people withdrawing pre-hoping for a bonus? Players of mine who are great holds have still been dropping eg KDB is pretty much the best PB player out there this year and he’s been dropping this week too! 🙈🤯

  • @HPcoys y worry if he drops long as he has a hell o a season!

  • @Aquarius

    Several of those players have had less than spectacular starts to the season. I imagine that explains their particular drops not the index being broken. I hold some of them with the Euros in mind(e.g Alli) and at the moment I can see why he is dropping.

  • @Clover said in Port (bleeding badly):

    @Woody When I first started. Sold on some players after a few months. I look at all those players now whom has risen considerably since.
    It is a long game and the patience depends on each individual. I have learnt that now, if a player will I believe will be around for the next few years and doing well. I buy into the red players to get the value.
    It is not a easy thing to buy into players in red but something that long term normally gains.

    Yes I’ve been guilty of over trading at the start but trying to stop that now. Surely the footie dropping on a Saturday isn’t the norm?

  • @HPcoys

    3 things are happening in the current market.

    People are panicking, so some are removing money from the index in a huff (and will no doubt return once the market picks up again).

    Some are removing money in the hope that FI announce some sort of deposit bonus, in order to then reinvest and take advantage.

    Some are redistributing the wealth, from Pogba et al, to lower end players.

    Despite many others thinking differently, I believe the market is fairly predictable at the minute.

    At some point, FI will announce a divs increase (I guestimate 6-12 months away), but not until both ends of the market bridge the gap. In the meantime, the top end will continue to fall and the bottom feeders will rise. Simple as that really! 😉😎

  • Didn’t FI give the Traders who joined in the first year at extra year to hold their players? I know it’s probably very few traders still holding if any, but they could have thousands of the likes of Pogba.
    Now would be the end of the 4 year hold, just another possibility of the drop in Sir Pog

  • I've stayed away from buying more shares this week.
    Since last week I am down over 2.5% over £300 just this week.I have a diverse port.
    I'll hang on with just over 8k port but come October if it's not changed I'm off cant be doing this for much longer.

  • @Saw72 said in Port (bleeding badly):

    I've stayed away from buying more shares this week.
    Since last week I am down over 2.5% over £300 just this week.I have a diverse port.
    I'll hang on with just over 8k port but come October if it's not changed I'm off cant be doing this for much longer.

    I was here for four months before I felt I knew vaguely what was going on and what I was doing right and wrong. In my first 2 months my port barely did anything because I hadn't given my better picks time to pay off.

    This isn't a short term money tree and anyone looking to have made it after just 2 months is likely to end up disappointed.

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  • @HPcoys I dont really know mate, I agree to a point with @johnboywalker's assessment of what's happening but dont agree about it being predictable. I suppose if your still profiting then it will feel that way.

    The players who have had big boosts like haland or saka, it was predictable that they would rise as youths getting game time in European games but the size of the rises I dont agree were predictable. Also i dont think it was predictable that they would then hold the bulk of that money. I mean if I'd had a load of futures in haland, of if I'd got on during the rise, I personally would have then flipped him and ploughed the money along with the profits straight into somebody like pog or rash to increase my holding in players who I plan to gold long term.

    Or at the very least I'd of taken confidence from that trade repeated the plan maybe with saka but ultimately that money would by now be back in a top end player. Just now I cant predict the market and a lot of ppl clearly think the same but that's just my perspective at the minute

  • @MickTurbo

    I'm sitting pretty even at the moment, but my portfolio yoyos on a daily basis.

    I lose money on my top end long term holds, Pogba, Rashford and others, but make up for it in the capital appreciation of the small fish. The likes of Mahrez, carrasco, Alario, Oliver Torres, Kramaric.

    I accept that the top end will be hit hardest in this current trend, but will ride it out regardless, as it is only temporary. I am certain of that.

    My thinking at the moment is that the -£1 market has many bargains. I pick players that are in european competition, first team starters, preferably with Euro internationals also. Those with the most opportunities for PB and IPDs.

    Ramos, Perisic, Ilicic to name a few.

    This is my short term solution. Once the market corrects itself, I'll dump the diddys and reinvest in the big boys. 👍

    Oh, and with regards to Haland, or whatever/whoever he is. I'd dump him quicker than a curry shite. Ridiculously overpriced.

  • @johnboywalker said in Port (bleeding badly):

    Oh, and with regards to Haland, or whatever/whoever he is. I'd dump him quicker than a curry shite. Ridiculously overpriced.

    That's what I mean. Even with the way things have been, I'd of bet my bottom dollar I'd of been able to see him top of the list for top 200 decreases for maybe a couple of days but it hasnt happened. We keep talking about the short term flippers but how he hasnt been hugely hugely dumped amazes me. As you say I'd of been off him immediately and with a huge smile on my face.

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  • @Dr-Jan-Itor could this be the start of a big problem for FI. The long term holders are seeing big losses and with dividend been so low people aren't investing in the big players. Once the long term holers start pulling their money out this will cause panic.

  • @Dr-Jan-Itor
    I think that’s a sensible approach. I’m giving it till the end of October to see if I can make anything of FI.

  • If you’re ever feeling too happy in life and want a come down then just head to the Football Index forum. What a miserable place this has become lately.

  • @TeamGB indeed.
    I am doing my best to make the best of it, give reasons for the downturn and stay positive but I'm fast starting to think that those people who are truly unhappy should fuck off and sell up and stop panicking the rest of the market

  • Very confusing time on the index. I have a diverse portfolio and having watched as many of my players today as possible it’s been a great day for me. Sancho, Parejo, Auba, Pepe all scoring and an assist for Felipe Anderson. Mostly great pb scores too.
    Here’s the downside. My portfolio has again taken a huge hit and this is where the frustration is coming in with FI. Watching your picks perform well and money still peaking away is not fun and is actually a bad alternative to gambling. If I had just put to score bets on my 7 guys playing today I would be quids in!
    FI really need to look at a way of getting confidence back quickly and a boost to the market. Pb boost ideally but even a deposit bonus etc would be great now.
    Praying for a late birthday announcement tomorrow or like many others I will have to seriously consider if this is worth the risk anymore for me.

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