Port (bleeding badly)

  • If you’re ever feeling too happy in life and want a come down then just head to the Football Index forum. What a miserable place this has become lately.

  • @TeamGB indeed.
    I am doing my best to make the best of it, give reasons for the downturn and stay positive but I'm fast starting to think that those people who are truly unhappy should fuck off and sell up and stop panicking the rest of the market

  • Very confusing time on the index. I have a diverse portfolio and having watched as many of my players today as possible it’s been a great day for me. Sancho, Parejo, Auba, Pepe all scoring and an assist for Felipe Anderson. Mostly great pb scores too.
    Here’s the downside. My portfolio has again taken a huge hit and this is where the frustration is coming in with FI. Watching your picks perform well and money still peaking away is not fun and is actually a bad alternative to gambling. If I had just put to score bets on my 7 guys playing today I would be quids in!
    FI really need to look at a way of getting confidence back quickly and a boost to the market. Pb boost ideally but even a deposit bonus etc would be great now.
    Praying for a late birthday announcement tomorrow or like many others I will have to seriously consider if this is worth the risk anymore for me.

  • @Thatguy I was thinking about a cheaper way for FI to shift the focus towards PB.

    How about a season long fantasy football based on PB scores. You choose each week a team of players, and you must own at least 1 share during the set period(so you need to keep them for the duration of the Ff game week. The next week, you could have a completely different team(so no limit on transfers), but with you still needing to hold all players. Weekly, monthly and season cash prizes that would cost FI less than a div increase/tiered PB div etc.

    Gives a little more strength to the 2nd, 3rd, 4th highest PB performers at any one day.

    Probably flawed idea, but what the hell, I thought of it on the fly

  • Down almost 8% since the start of September...even when my players perform they drop... baffling times I must say. Something needs to be done soon or I fear a lot of users may be cashing out for good

  • @Deej.11 we've seen similar dips before and always bounces back stronger. I agree though it's the dips in the performing players that are disconcerting.

  • @Moukoko how about increased pb/mb first 30 days. Again not thought through in huge detail

  • @MickTurbo this I think will increase short term trading more and high performing cheap players

  • Yea players like Bernardo Silva are most baffling - had been dropping up until yesterday’s game - scores a hat-trick but only rises around 5p before falling again.

    Looking at his 3 month chart, if a hat-trick doesn’t recover an already reasonably priced player back anywhere near his peak then what will? Can he ever get back there - let alone further?

    Must be a very confusing place for new users.

  • @Chris-J hat trick but no MB or PB just highlights what a lot of us have been saying about Bernardo silva. Hes a dream team player but not an FI player

  • @MickTurbo But a hat-trick should at least sustain your price and not drop surely.
    The drops tonight in the top 200 are wide reaching and is it getting worse?
    Maybe soon we are going to get to that stage where some people have had enough and that provides the bottom where the experienced will mop up the bargains.
    Or will FI have to come to the rescue🤔

  • @Gazz127 I think it's made people realize what weve said is true. If he didnt get dividends yesterday when is he going to? And there are no dividends for a hat trick. The drop could actually be seen as a sign that dividends may still drive the market.

    Just to clarify, if it was sterling that had scored a hat trick, or pogba, or mane, or kane, or aubameyang or abraham they would almost certainly have won MB and perhaps pb

  • @MickTurbo true - you’d still expect a player who has been falling for some time to get some sort of recovery from a hat-trick. During healthier times it would’ve been enough for him to get at least a 10p rise and hold it without the need to earn dividends.

    There are probably many better examples but even dividend winners are falling - Ronaldo winning PB yesterday and you can be sure it’s the first of many this season but doesn’t move off the back of a PB win - you can point to his age as a factor but he would normally get a small rise off the back of a PB win.

    It seems like more users are carrying out an exit strategy rather than an investment one - creates a very confusing platform for new users and a very frustrating one for existing users.

  • @Chris-J I've been here seven months and I am baffled confused and bemused to tell the truth this past 3-4 weeks.

  • @Chris-J yeh I completely agree with that. Only thing I will say is as a ronaldo holder I know that hes had a very reasonable rise recently so maybe a little bit of standing still is to be expected

  • In reference to Bernardo Silva, I agree with the people above about it proving he is not PB suitable. The fact that he scored a hat trick and did not win PB just confirmed my belief he is not a good FI hold. A great fantasy football pick but really, if he can't win on that day, he's rarely likely to. He is already overpriced and that hatrick and lower than expected PB score will have got sensible people reassessing their hold.

  • Neymar you fucking beauty... Wins star man on a treble day with one goal. I have Alberto too, stems today's losses at least ☺

  • @Vespasian32 said in Port (bleeding badly):

    Neymar you fucking beauty... Wins star man on a treble day with one goal. I have Alberto too, stems today's losses at least ☺

    Good to see the solid dividend players doing the business in times of uncertainty. Shows there is money to be made if you're patient.

  • Shame about my bloody 500 Kolarov :( sums this week up.

  • @Vespasian32 said in Port (bleeding badly):

    Neymar you fucking beauty... Wins star man on a treble day with one goal. I have Alberto too, stems today's losses at least ☺

    What makes it more impressive is that they were away to one of the better teams they will come up against - what sort of scores will he get when they are at home playing against the dross and racking up 4 /5 and 6 goals....

    He also nearly won last week after scoring the last minute winner then getting another before it was VAR'd.

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