Port (bleeding badly)

  • Surely single match days need to be treble media days? That's before the conversation about a general raise in divs even begins.

    I'm looking nailed on for 2nd and 3rd place tonight 🤬🤬

  • @Advinculas-Index home to reims coming up on Wednesday, we might find out.

  • @MickTurbo I do hope so, completely agree with you. Players like Pogba, VVD and the like are tanking at a constant rate. I do think removing the 2 week Int break media fest has hit them hard and will continue to do so until divs are reviewed.

  • @Webbinho just look at forum sentiment, me included, I honestly think they've got a month to at the very very least, announce that something along these lines is in the pipe line, and with an implementation date

  • @MickTurbo Or what will happen in your opinion?

  • @TeamGB well quite a few forum users, me included, have said were giving it till the end of october and if things are still going the way they have for the last month up till now, were gone. Only a tiny proportion of traders are regular posters, so u have to wonder about everybody else. There will undoubtedly be many non forum users thinking the same. If thousands sell up and go over the next 2 months the drops will get bigger and other ppls thoughts might change. Most of us arent losing our bottle, were asking serious questions about the future of market behaviour. Sooner or later peoples bottle will start to be tested

  • Problem for me is I joined F1 because a mate was raving about it word of mouth Is massive for them to attract new users and even though I love it I’d be more inclined to tell a mate at min to not bother.

  • @therock I do think this is the problem, in a slight way at least anyway. With word of mouth about the Football Index spreading, and all the adverts you see on TV, people will want to hop on and try it. Just imagine the amount of people that have joined up since the marketing has been pushed to the level we are seeing, they are most likely gamblers with the short term mentality that match betting every weekend has, instead of the more long term mentality/thinking required for a platform like this.
    What most people on this thread/forum are concerned about (in my opinion) is how long will it take for newer users to figure out that chasing short term money and IPD isn't realistically sustainable. It will eventually burn a large hole in their wallet - which at current time of writing doesn't look like slowing down, with top 50/100/200 players dropping at an alarming rate.
    Haland is a perfect example, look how much he rose just from scoring a hattrick in the champions league, almost a quid. He plays in a non PB league and his price is over £3. I can imagine so many people that have hopped on at that price and not knowing what to do with him after they receive their money from IPD. If they sell, they're losing money from commission alone anyway even if it is to market cause he's so expensive.

  • I’d say within my group I’m 35 so not as many mates as the youths prob got 15 mates that gamble on footie more than say £20 a week 5 of us who gamble between 100–1000 only two are involved index and that’s what excited me when I joined. The chance for growth is massive but I really don’t wanna encourage them to join at min the questioning of drops would be never ending

  • @Woody I cannot give exact reason for that. But the market always has it's ups and downs. The marketing is better than ever before and I see a physical advert almost every day now.
    So the new starters will join meaning more healthier spread of users, meaning less reliance of smaller pool of big whales.
    With the media opening up to the whole index shortly. I would be surprised if there was no MB change. Although I would prefer a increased PB positioning payout overall.

  • @kaka8 I think you hit the nail on the head. Once these elements happen. We will see the top end players jump up again to that next level.

  • So I’ve been here 5 weeks and my plan all a long was to slowly build up a port of lower players (adding £100 a month after my initial £400 investment) whilst I generated enough cash to buy the likes of Pogba; who was around £7.10 when I joined.

    Had a sub £500 port which was doing ok for 5 weeks, and despite the doom and gloom I’ve been reading daily on these forums I still see value in the product; and if you consider this platform to be for trading then there will always be peaks and troughs.

    However with the current drop I’ve decided to take the gamble (who’d have thought it on a gambling website) and dropped 1k on him this morning; if in 12 months he’s dropped lower than midget limbo dancer I’ll be a few hundred quid out of pocket and learnt my lesson. But the other side of the coin.....

    I’ll add I’ve never been a gambler never spent a penny on betting on football but I know the pit falls so I’ve only used what I can afford the wife not to find out about.

  • @Alpilgrim Well said , people here need to wind their necks in and basically take the rough with the smooth . A lot of this talk is reiterated by the hour and is getting more than repetitive . I started in August 2018 and like most other FI users did all the mistakes early doors ..... i.e overtrading , selling when red etc ...... It is more than likely what is happening a lot at present, and probably contributing to this panic set and volatility . I seem to remember a spell like this on the latter end of 2018 and then hey presto it resolved itself . So being patient and sitting tight worked before .....

  • @GI I started last October and the market was largely dead right through until the new year.
    But, it should be remembered that yields on prices then were significantly more attractive.

  • What's going on with sancho? 7-8p in minutes? Been on newsnow and theres nowt negative, just stories about him being Dortmund MVP

  • @MickTurbo KDB has also dropped almost 8p today with no news other than some articles about how he is going to break records. I am guessing it is just a couple of very large investors removing their money!

  • @Sill7 not sure about withdrawing... seems at the minute everyone is live by the sword, die by the sword. Historically - a tonne of new users join and their first question is 'why is kdb so cheap' and the answer is … 0 mb prospects and doesn't win that much pb

    he won some pb and has been scoring goals … so his price rocket. This weekend despite a goal and 2 assists he didn't win pb so is dropping. and people already seeing the rotation pep is using with kdb benched in the previous match and sterling benched in this match. even with sane out its a big midfield/attack to juggle.

    Sancho has also been amongst the goals and not winning pb - and hes also had a meteoric rise since start of season - the prick overtook Neymar at one point, that was always going to be a mantle he couldn't carry.

    not saying I agree with the current behaviour - just the way I see it.

  • I don't normally add weight to twitter, but this comment on there sums it up for me

    If you hold for 3 years, one week is 0.6% of the lifetime of your bet. Cashing out on a one week dip would be the same as cashing out a single game win bet after 40 seconds of the game because the other team has the ball.

  • So few people had the same view as myself Pogba up 6p since the £6.26 I got him for at 9am; is this the start of an upturn or just me being positive?

  • @Moukoko I like that analogy - makes the panic selling even more difficult to understands.

    You have potentially another 150+ rolls of the dice over 3 years - people seem to be selling after the first one doesn't go their way.

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