Port (bleeding badly)

  • We're putting cash in for a 3 year hold, maybe the top end is struggling at the moment but I think it's fair to assume there will be a dividend increase or even a share split within that time. For that reason I'm holding on to players like Rashford, Pogba etc, keep some dividends coming in and top up if/when their values dip. I'm trying to get involved at the low end quick flip with new deposits but dont have the time and cant really be arsed to be trading so often paying all the commission.

  • Looking through my port there, I'm only really feeling the pain on 2 players, pog and rash. And I'm still in the green on rash.

    Other than that I've felt it a little bit from sancho (still green), vvd and almada. Other than that it's just stagnant, or just a few pence down on players like fernandes and foden but hardly even worth mentioning them at the minute for what they've lost.

    I dont know if the perception is that high end players across the board are haemmorraghing but from my end it's just a couple really, but they've dropped enough for it to hurt a little bit

  • @ScouseSte said in Port (bleeding badly):

    Once again I've taken another week's time out.
    I'll be able to enjoy the champions league and Europa League games now, oblivious to the bizarre sell offs that will inevitably happen when my holds perform well (yep, no logic at all on FI at the moment!)

    I agree with what somebody said earlier on in the thread (sorry can't remember who), that the next step FI take is crucial to my own personal future on here - if it's yet another deposit bonus, I'm out. Perfect timing to sell to market.
    If there is any hint of a dividend increase, I'm committed to my portfolio.

    It's not negative to be honest with oneself - the game HAS changed, behaviours HAVE changed. Those saying "it's just a phase, it's cyclical" are kidding themselves. A dividend increase is paramount to restoring value to the top of the index and provide SOME degree of "safe" investment.

    As far as I'm concerned, FI has become too much of a lottery and I'm not enjoying it much at all any more.

    I’m pretty sure you would earn at least 20% over the season if you did nothing. FI want people to buy the best players in the world, there will be a div increase at some point.
    Your port will rocket though when they announce an increase.

  • What do people think FI will do for their birthday announcement, if they’re going to announce anything at all?

  • @Andy Fulham training kits and opening up of mb to all players

  • I wonder if theyd consider having treble media on single and double match days.

  • @Andy said in Port (bleeding badly):

    What do people think FI will do for their birthday announcement, if they’re going to announce anything at all?

    Rainbow coloured trading buttons

  • @MickTurbo said in Port (bleeding badly):

    I wonder if theyd consider having treble media on single and double match days.

    I think this would make sense given they are opening up MB to all. It could be an indirect interim dividend rise, before a bigger one at the end of the year.

  • Remember when you are seeing gains others will be seeing drops or no gains. Over the last 7 days I'm up 8%. Be patient!

  • Anyone else’s port still dropping consistently? I’m down almost £100 in the past 7 days

  • @Andy said in Port (bleeding badly):

    Anyone else’s port still dropping consistently? I’m down almost £100 in the past 7 days

    Yeah, most of us are in the same boat.

    At times like these, a diversified portfolio proves it's worth.

    I lose money on big hitters, I make money on small fry, and my portfolio goes up and down like a yoyo.

    Patience is key.

  • I have what i consider to be a balanced port with players at the top end right down to the lower end
    and i have dropped around 1.7% in the last 2 weeks from my highest point.

    im not overly concerned at the moment but im hoping that something changes before the end of the month.

  • I am Bruno Xadas and I will be king of the index!

  • There could be huge drops this evening if Greenwood, Stengs, Boadu etc. don’t get on the scoresheet.
    It could get worse before it gets better imo.
    I hold just over 100 players and while the port is stagnant or slightly down the last while I’m not worrying

  • Down almost 4% since the end of August. Pogba and Sancho a big contributing factor, simple fact is though the players in my port just aren't performing and are just being sold off daily. Not panicking though, I look at my port and am confident 6 months down the line I will be in profit on 90% of my players :)

  • @johnboywalker @Advinculas-Index glad to see I’m not the only one. I consider my port to be quite diverse, got players from £1-£6.
    People seem to be losing confidence in certain players though, not many people seem to be fancying the likes of Brandt/Rashford atm (2 largest holds). Hopefully this will change in the near future. It’s 5/6 games in!

  • @Andy

    Your first instinct will almost always be an overreaction when you are losing money.

    In relation to Rashford, I wouldn't be too concerned.

    He already plays for the biggest club in the world (for MB purposes). He wont be sold anytime soon. He is a penalty taker and spearhead of the Utd attack. He is a young English international and has already shown glimpses of his potential.

    The only thing lacking is consistency, as with most wonderkids.

    Once that comes, you then have yourself a goose that lays golden eggs.

  • @Andy @Advinculas-Index I also hold a similar looking portfolio with a few priced as low as 50p and some of the big hitters as well. I find your posts comforting actually. I've read alot about how it's the bottom end of the market that is booming etc etc and those that only hold big players that are falling. Which baffled me as my portfolio value has slowly been ebbing away despite holding a number of lower end players who are mostly stagnant or dipped a fraction. I suspect most people are in our position but less vocal about it. The foosie could be down 50,000 on a day and some people would still be boasting about how theirs is rocketing due to their amazing strategy blah blah blah

  • @Gregolocky I suppose it boils down to if you are bothered if they score or not.

    If you are, sell nowat, I imagine profit, and buy if the drop happens. If you aren't ride the drop if you truly believe in the player

  • As I remember it. A few weeks ago, everytime I refreshed, I’d made a tenner and I was refreshing regularly. The forum was full of positivity, everyone cheery. I nearly posted at the time, that we’d be full of doom and gloom soon and here we are.
    I’ve been on since April 18, so I guess I’m getting long in the tooth. We have been here before. The boom will return. Pog and Neymar will be worth a tenner, Bruno Martella will have filled a full back spot at Man City, Luis advincula will have had that Xmas move to la Liga, paqueta will stop acting like a child, I’ll be a millionaire and everyone will be happy.
    Relax and hold.....
    And buy advincula, martella, paqueta..........please

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