Port (bleeding badly)

  • My port has been doing nothing but drop the past couple weeks. It felt like everyone who has the same players as me just had a mass sell off. KDB, Rashford, Griezmann, Brandt, Barella. All of them have decreased for me in the last week by large margins. Only player that has seen a rise for me is Mbappé and he's injured!
    Do people think they will recover?

  • @Wotabeast said in Port (bleeding badly):

    With the big, high price players, it seems like if they don't win divs then people are dumping them. Kane, Rashford, Sancho - all these guys had good games but have seen their prices drop.

    I think a lot of traders need to get some perspective - even the best players can't win divs every game. These guys are getting themselves into good scores and consistent performances which shows they will win divs eventually. People just need to be more patient!

    I personally don’t hold any of the premiums but I think it’s quite straight forward as far as they’re concerned. They are desperate for a dividend increase.

  • I think everybody should take a breath.
    There will be clarity in the coming days with the FI birthday nearly here. Will there be a bonus? Will there be a dividend increase? If neither at least there is clarity because there is anticipation and people no doubt will have been selling, building cash balances etc.

  • @Timothee-Atouba yes and once that is known I will make my next steps

  • IPD's are good because they give value to otherwise worthless players. But ppl IS good holds causing the dips we keep feeling, to buy up some dirt cheap player who's got 3 goal involvements that day.

    So your IS'ing a £3 odd player, paying 15-25p + 2% commission of say 7p, ultimately your paying probably 30pps. Therefore, unless your buying a player who is 1/10th or less of the value of the sold share, you're not even breaking even before spread and commission.

    Example: so u IS Foden. I use this example cos hes -5p today so it's clearly happened. U pay 20p spread then 7p commission. From a £3.64 share, u see 3.37. Even if the player you buy scored a hat trick, unless hes <34p yours not getting enough of him to cover your commission with your IPD's.

    So hes 33p and hes banged a hat trick in. You get 10 for every foden u sell, meaning u get 3p x 10 in dividends, turning a profit of 3p for every foden sold. Fuckin smashing, you are the wolf of FI.

    But every other genius has done the exact same thing. So take Christian Gunter. Hes up 8p today cos hes worth 2p in IPD's(meaning you need 14 of him just to cover the hit on every foden[eeven the sharpest will only have got 11]). Thing is his spread is widened to double that at 4p. Then theres 1p commission to sell him on. So for that 37p you're gonna see only 32p, but you've got you're mighty 2p worth of IPD's, so you'll actually recoup 34p so you've lost money on this trade as well to compound the 27p for every foden you've sold. And that's assuming you're lightning quick on the dump which will begin on the stroke of midnight

    Unless you are in on a player before the rise starts or virtually immediately after, your losing money.

    Surely this trends not gonna last forever

  • @Collymore10 said in Port (bleeding badly):

    @Timothee-Atouba yes and once that is known I will make my next steps

    Looks like it could be a static week for you then in more ways than one ;)

  • I can see there being much growth in the £5+ players at the moment . I think £7ish is around the celling for players at the current dividend payout. Once players start approaching that level growth will tail off as theres better value at the lower end of the market. Another reason you might be struggling is if your PB players just haven’t preformed well yet. It’ll probably take a dividend win or a few really high PB scores for them to go up but theres still only being 5 or so weeks of games so I wouldn’t worry if they aren't performing yet. When the inevitable dividend increase comes, the celling for the top players will increase and the best could be £10 rather quickly. In any case, I wouldn't worry mate.

  • @CJ0101 Sadly I don't see a dividend increase coming in near future. Adam Cole has made that clear in his Q&As albeit the last was a while ago now I think. I predict a bonus this week - as well as it being FI's birthday it feels like time for one to reignite the market.

  • @Hotspur I hope not. I don’t think artificial growth of a market that’s now looking restrained by its dividend structure is the answer.
    If they do it, I’d anticipate a record percentage of the ‘new money’ being withdrawn after bonus payments.

  • After barely seeing any growth and infact slowly losing it over the last few weeks, this weekend was exactly what was needed, PB players performed strong, all my quiet players got a goal or 2 and my whole port just did very well and now look in great form.... but actually my portfolio plummeted in price... this was the weekend i was waiting for as a pick me up, but the market has completely reacted differently and im seeing the worse losses since i joined, so change of tactics, everytime one of my players now spikes i'm going to sell so i can withdraw and only play with profit, a market this volotile shouldn't have the 10K+ i have put in, far too risky now and i dont have time to be a quick flipper

  • @MickTurbo you make a very strong point tbf but people new to the game will do it just because they see Foden not playing and Christian Gunter for example getting some quick dividends. It's feels as if new people have joined in last 2 months and their chasing shorter term pay outs. I'd like to think with up coming European games plus Euros next year the higher end players will have their day. Between now and then a div increase will happen I expect, more likely just PB and MB as they know money will come in on the bigger boys then

    P.s. Tbf Christian Gunter classed as a defender (small pump incoming) does have 3 winningable games coming up out of six and is playing wide midfield when Freiburg play 3-5-2 so could see a nice rise if you continue to hold.

  • I've had my best weekend since the season started. Strong performances from Plea and Orsolini who both got a good rise off the back of strong PB scores. Rises for Suarez as he returns to the team and Immobile as he scored once again. Delort also got a goal and assist so I got some bonus IPDs!

    There are PB players out there at the fraction of the cost of a Rashford etc. and they're doing rather well since the start of the season for a much kinder share price.

  • @Wotabeast The truth is most people won’t care what people say on this forum and buy low price players as they appear more affordable and usually make far more in capital appreciation than top players make in dividends.

  • @Shippers I'll take your word about the winnable fixtures but anyone buying after the first 3p rise will probs be in the red by quarter past midnight and I suspect ppl of this mentality will not look ahead the way you have and then patiently sit o their gunters. I suspect they'll IS at a loss and rebuy 8 foden for every 10 they IS'd today. Or worse still, they'll IS at a loss and repeat the process with whoever gets the opener in the west ham game tomorrow

  • @MickTurbo I suppose it's part and parcel of it, I know I made similar mistakes when I joined, we as more experienced traders just have to sit it out and hope our PB players perform. Different categories have different times for example youth and transfer spec players were the summer thing, IPD and the cheaper players are the now, the more expensive players will have their day and tbf some have won PB already have but were still early in season and need more weeks with bigger boys at top.

  • There has been about a 100% increase in the footsie since last dividend increase. And the last increase in itself was fairly modest. The time is coming that they just need to do it. I reckon about a quarter to a third of traders have never seen an increase before and that will make them lose heart. I joined the week of the sharesplit and fuck me I've lost a bit of heart. FI are milking the current market to its absolute max before committing to it. But it needs to happen. If they can't deliver an increase when their product has doubled then there would be genuine worry for their business model. I don't think thats the case. I think they are being stingy.

    I wouldn't be demanding this if the footsie had
    only grown say 25% and the market had flatlined. I would be staying this is natural highs and lows. But they have massively gained the last 6 months and they now neef to give back to the traders that have allowed them to gain. It takes two parties to tango. We make them rich but they need to make sure they are fair as well.

  • @Hotspur thing is id imagine a dividend increase would cost them a lot less than a deposit bonus

  • @Black-wolf possibly. They should certainly do it. Just don't think they will.

  • @Hotspur i hope they do. Because if they just do another deposit bonus all that money that has came out lately will fly back in and the index will likely boom until the promotion ends but with everyone knowing this is the only reason for growth then an awful lot will come back out. The whole idea of the football index will just become about waiting on deposit bonuses not IPD’s, MB, PB or even cap app. They need to be very careful that they maintain growth in the index but at a slow steady rate over a longer duration of time the deposit bonuses just cause spikes then periods of stagnation as people wait on the next promotion

  • @Dr-Jan-Itor they must of spent a fair whack in marketing and tech (Nasdaq deal etc...) so for me I would want to ensure they can afford it before committing to a div increase. Its frustrating but I personally expect a div increase December (could be wrong, hopefully am and its sooner).

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