What birthday present do you want?

  • @Metropolis yeh true.. throw in a div increase too :)

  • @Vespasian32 said in What birthday present do you want?:

    actually … to sting all those arseholes who have withdrawn en masse predicting a bonus... id like a bonus... but for it to reward our current status. 5% cash back on port value at time of statement

    Very good idea. Won’t see a big drop either at the end of the bonus. I’d settle for 2% under those conditions.

  • If i was newly employed by FI today I would want slicker marketing campaigns a slicker site and slicker IPO's launched at the same time each week giving maximum confidence to the investor so that they keep putting their money in the product.. As opposed to taking it out!!!

    The Birthday Bash would have already started by now... the countdown from 1st September would be already nicely into play each day bringing more anticipation to the growing numbers of what might come... then on the 21st SEP for the 4th Birthday of FI I think x£4 for every £10 spent within that 24 hours should be added to your account!!!

    The market would BOOOM new players will be BOUGHT and EVERYBODY will live happily ever after!!!

    until the next promotion that is!!!!

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  • @Metropolis said in What birthday present do you want?:

    Tiered PB for Double and Treble days. Or a trial run of it for the Champions League knockout stages.

    I actually see that as a more likely/sustainable way forward in the short term than a straight up dividend increase & as you say perhaps trial it then if it's a disaster it could always be changed or revised to better suit the platform dynamics but longer term an all out dividend increase is a necessity for the one true price driver, which is dividend yields, to remain relevant.

    Double days could see top 2 def/mid/for win PB with a star player each & treble the top 3 with also perhaps an extra single PB place to reward top GK? That said I would also like to see a deposit bonus not simply to reward longer term investors but to incentivise new users & drive further product take up - what better time to encourage family & friends to join than with a deposit bonus & the majority of the season still to experience FI? As for a DB increasing volatility that is simply a function of more users, different strategies, IPD plays & the increased trading volume generated by growth. At this stage of the product cycle growth is not only good but essential to generate success & anything that helps stimulate it should be encouraged even if there are a few minor drawbacks IMO.

  • Can someone just detail what the divs amount for mb and pb were before the share split please

  • If I was in charge of dividends, I would keep the current div awards as they are numerically, but to do an indirect rise:

    • Scrap PB star player
    • Do treble MB on single match days (not double or treble though)
    • 1p for 2nd player in each PB category on double match days, 2p on treble match days (no 2nd player on single match days)
    • 1p bonus for any player's PB score over 300 (all days).

    (and absolutely no rises in IPDs, but maybe increase them to 45 days hold so there's more incentive for stability)

    This should effectively mean a decent rise in real terms in that many more players should get a chance of getting dividends, thus keeping people interested - it is certainly more motivational if people see a smaller amount more regularly than many days of winning nothing.

    It also should be quite sustainable for FI.

  • @Vespasian32 said in What birthday present do you want?:

    actually … to sting all those arseholes who have withdrawn en masse predicting a bonus... id like a bonus... but for it to reward our current status. 5% cash back on port value at time of statement

    I like this idea a lot!! Maybe 4% is slightly more realistic and it is the 4th birthday after all...

  • IMO a divs increase is needed in the future. Div yields for premium players is now too low. The massive %increase in IPD at the share split has tipped the balance of FI, now attracting a lot more short term trading patterns. A PB/MB increase would encourage more long term holds, an increase in premium player prices which will help to stretch the market.

    I personally wouldn’t want a deposit bonus. Far too much opportunity for traders to get in and out, or even use the opportunity to sell off. Last couple of DBs have often resulted in a very sharp rise, then steady decline back to the initial prices before the DB.

    What id like - announce a pb increase for say late January.... allow a steady growth till that point, should also help limit the usual winter sell off.

  • @kristiang85 Very good idea, I like it!

  • 2p clean sheet IPD for goalkeepers

  • A blowjob out of the question?

  • @Dan-The-Man not sure Mr Cole would be willing to oblige but guess you could always ask.

  • @Hotspur It's not a present if you have to ask for it.

  • @Dan-The-Man you did ask though

  • @Hotspur

    God damn it. Between this and telling people what my wish was when blowing out the candles... It's like I never learn.

  • I suppose given we haven't had a market blackout notification, it's unlikely we'll be getting a div increase.

    If it's a deposit bonus, I am not buying in

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