De ligt - when to buy back

  • When to buy him back...? He just been on a freefall since Portugal game.. I know he is not in best shape right now but surely he is quality

  • @Kill_Kenny Why would you think he is value at still over £2? At Juve he wins/will win zero MB, and his PB scores don't suggest any dividends coming soon. There are better PB defenders virtually half his price - Elvedi for example who also likely has a transfer to a bigger club in him. His price needs to probably half before I would even consider buying him.

  • He was performing very well in CL and dutch league. Occasionally got a goal from corners. But I got your point. I might be looking elsewhere thanks

  • @Kill_Kenny Yeah I was genuinely interested to know. I personally think he has a way to fall yet - by half was probably exaggerated given his age. £1.50-£1.70 would start to look reasonable given he will almost certainly have another transfer in him and (in my opinion) would be better suited to the EPL than Juventus which is obviously better for his price as well.

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