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  • So Bale is the biggest hold in my portfolio, I’m very frustrated that he’s just not going anywhere despite a massive fall when Zidane relationship capitulated. That since has been papered over at least, he’s started every game (but for yesterday when he was suspended) - he’s got a quality assist and scored a couple plus now he’s fresh for the CL games starting this week.

    Where the market just refuses to back him, despite the obvious value (he was £2.80 odd at the end of last season) should I just accept a small loss (Ave price is £2.11) or wait it out for a rise

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    I bought cheap and am holding till at least £2.60 which he will hit soon enough I am sure. Then I have a tough decision.

  • @MrWh1te I’ve said that since the start of the season 🙈, I just can’t fathom why it’s not happened. People see more value in Eze and Nketiah, worlds gone mad

  • Maybe the market sentiment is evaporating with bale as well as the media. People just don’t seem to care about him any more apart from the people who hold and there’ll be hoping for some sort of miracle.good luck but I wouldn’t touch him

  • His £2.80 peak last season was due to a lot of users anticipating a move to the PL - many were banking on a move to United that obviously never materialised.

    It now looks like he has missed any opportunity to return to the PL and the press don't really care about him whilst in Spain (enough to win much MB anyway).

    So he is now basically an ageing winger who's long term prospects are either to end up as a squad player at Madrid or re-ignite the move to China that he wanted in the summer.

  • He’s still one of the best players in the world, look at the price of Messi and CR7 who have no prospect of moves. He retains a British interest and he’s got a move in him, I still think (despite the past) he’ll find himself in the prem or as a makeweight in a Neymar deal

  • But if he moves it could be to China despite what he’s postman might say😁

  • @MrWh1te

    If he carries on the way he started.. silly red card..

    He will rise eassly to around 2.50 .. if he came manchester he'd be £4+

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    @Zola25 I think him going to United is pie in the sky, that is just people hoping it would happen.
    No way will he drop his wages and no way will United afford him.

    For me it is a straight choice between China and PSG, if he moves at all.

  • @Carboney

    I don't hold anymore but I guarantee he will never play in China. MLS maybe in a few years but not a chance it will ever be in China.

    I'm relatively new to the index and I still do not understand why he is so cheap. He's been arguably Real Madrid's best player this season and is still a class act. My only concern for me if I was still a holder would be his injury record over the last few seasons. If he stays fit then he should be much higher in price as he's still one of the best around.

  • @Pagey74 fair play was just a little joke but I wouldn’t rule it out personally do u still hold mancini he’s starting to wear thin on me

  • @Carboney I know mate. Yeah Mancini is my biggest hold. At Atlanta they played 3 centre halves so I think he needs time time to settle playing in a back 4. He's got all the qualities to become Italy's best centre half in years to come. Hopefully he can get a trademark goal from a set piece and post a good PB score to get him back on traders radars.

    Patience will be rewarded with him. I have no doubt.

  • @Pagey74 to be fair he is frustrating me but bought with euros in mind for next summer so hopefully he comes good

  • @Chris-J that price was maintained for 3 months from April. £3.20 was the high

  • @Bradley117 yea noticed that after I posted - just giving my non-holder view on him which should explain why ‘the rest of us’ are avoiding him and hence why his price may not get to where you want it to.

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